I had a guestbook before so this is the new Guestbook.. ^_^

Feel free to rate my blog here.. 🙂

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  1. Lol. Sailormoon was good back in the 90s. Haha they still air new episodes. Lol

    And I do have an iPhone for the record also, I haven’t picked it up yet so I can’t write about it. Lol.

  2. :starwars:
    Dear Danny Mak,

    Mitch and i love your website, even though we cant understand the computer lingo. hahah Miss ya buddy

  3. Yea. I installed the nextgen thing. It has more features, but its more of a hassle to set up. You gotta create pages, add code. link this to that. etc etc. lol

    and sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Its the ajax comment thing, But I can see its installed on your blog already. hehe and yea. It’s why I left it default. until i feel like fixing it. It’s staying that way

  4. Nvm…found it. And man that is the most poorly written plugin I’ve ever seen. Total disregard to the theme the blog is using, seems to be skinned for the blog of the author only, ugh. Having a hell of a time trying to skin the blasted thing. X(

  5. Damnit…hit the say it button instead of edit, lol. (is it just me, or are the smilies not parsing? limit of the preview thing?)

    Uhm, and the reply to comment one? Yeah. 😛

  6. Hum…I think the labeling for these textboxes are off…lol.

    Anyway, you should check out the NextGEN gallery, it’s way better than the lazyk one. Bit of a pain to figure out and get setup, but it has way more options.

  7. I have decided that aside from complimenting the site, I must use these:

    :starwars: :bashwall: :nuke: :mario: 😎 o_O :ff: :ph34r: :whistle:

    lolz. Anyways, nice site sir.

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