24 hours with the Razer Phone. 

First post of 2018, a little late. Decided to pick up the Razer Phone from a Microsoft store yesterday to see if I like it or not. It’s replacing the iPhone 7 plus.
First impression is, I really like the design of it. I guess I’m one of the few people who quite like the blocky design of the phone.  Build quality is also great feels like a premium device. As it should be, considering it retails for $899.99CAD.

First thing I did once I turned on the phone and it went through the initial setup was to turn the screen refresh rate from 90hz to 120hz and compared it to the OnePlus 5t to see if there is a notifiable difference, and there is! Next thing I did was play a YouTube video and compared the audio and it sounds amazing!

First phone from Razer and I think they did a really great job with it. The phone packs all the common flagship specs as you would find on any other flagship phone. Snapdragon 835 with the Adreno 420 gpu. This paid 8gb of ram. On par with the Oneplus 5t’s top specd model but only came with 64gb of internal storage. Would have been a negative if it didn’t also come with a microsd expansion slot.

The phone is housed in an aluminum chassis, resulting in the lack of wireless charging. Something Samsung and now Apple are doing. Would have been nice to have wireless charging, but not a deal breaker. The Razer phone does support Qualcomm’s quick charge 4.0 which makes charging faster. Supposedly on par with OnePlus’ Dash Charge which is rated as the fastest so fae, and Dash Charge is already 2 years old! 

 The inclusion of massive front facing speakers makes the phone bigger than most phones. In the realm of a phablet device. Around the same size as the iPhone 7/8 plus. This also removes the ability for it to contain any dust or waterproof features. But the speakers are THX  certified. And they sound amazing.

Fully charged it last night before bed so I can test the battery life of this phone from a normal consumer’s point of view to see how the battery life is. Will report it in the fully write up!

Update, unplugged from 8:30am to now (11:51pm) I managed to drain just a little over half the battery with 47% left. Though I wasn’t using it heavily. I still managed to get around 2 hours and 47 mins of screen on time.  It’s not too spectacular, but the 4000mah battery plus 120hz refresh rate is still capable of a full day’s use with juice to spare. 

Typed this up on the Razer phone. 

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