iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus



Build Quality


Battery Life




Operating System



  • Dual Camera
  • Taptic Feedback
  • 256GB option
  • IP67 Rating


  • Lack of 3.5mm jack
  • No Fast or Wireless charging
  • iOS still locked down tight
  • Artificial stock quantity created by Apple to increase hype
  • Expensive.

Like the title states, I have picked up a new iPhone 7 Plus! Originally I had placed an order on their website for the 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. But with the long wait time (till November at least) to get the phone, I decided to opt for the 256GB Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus. It was the only size they had left and it was only about $130 more. The phone itself was already expensive enough as it is, but with double the storage for a little more, I figured why not…

I’ve always liked Apple’s design and construction of their device. The only thing that’s usually stops me from buying the previous ones has always been the OS. iOS is still locked down pretty tight. It’s both a good thing, and a bad thing. The good points of it being locked down is that the ecosystem, on paper is more secure. In practice, it is… but it cannot claim to be completely secure. There are still exploits that can cause malware to be installed on unsuspecting user’s iPhone. Much like Android, but on a lesser scale. Since iOS is only designed and developed for the use on Apple Devices, this allows Apple to fully optimise their software to take full advantage of hardware they approve. Which is always a bad point of theirs. Since it’s so locked down, iOS devices lack the same customise options as Android users have had for many years. Jailbreaking aside that is.

Apple seemed to have moved away from their redesign every 2 models and came out with the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus with a slightly redesigned of their existing iPhone 6/6s line. With a case on, it would look just like an iPhone 6/6s. However, with the obvious headphone jack missing. This seemed to have pissed a lot of people off that they now need an adaptor to listen to music with. They would also not be able to do both at the same time… Unless you use Bluetooth headphones. For me, this doesn’t make a difference. iPhone 7’s antenna line has also been moved to the top making it much nicer looking in my opinion. Especially on the 2 Black models where they look nearly invisible.

Gone is the 16GB options (THANK YOU APPLE!). The smallest size you can purchase now is the 32GB, which is still small, especially for a phone that can record 4k video. This year’s model comes in 5 different color. Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Jet Black. The iPhone 7/7Plus no longer offers a Space Grey, replaced is a darker Matte Black version. They also came out with a Jet Black, which is a very glossy looking black version. Though even Apple has admit the Jet Black version will scratch pretty easily and recommends putting in a case of some sort for protection. They used a new method to polish the phone to create a reflective finish.

Apple has made it much easier to unbox the iPhone this year where the plastic wrapper is easy to remove. All the standard cables, chargers, documentation, and Apple stickers are included. Though the included earpods are connected via lightning cable, with the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. They do include a lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack for people who still want to use their old analogue headphones. If you were unlucky enough to lose it, it will set you back $10CDN+tax for a replacement. I would recommend try not losing it or just simply use Bluetooth headphones instead, 🙂

The home button has also changed. It’s no longer a physical button, but a taptic engine has been placed in place of the physical home button. Much like how they implemented on the MacBook trackpad. The new home button is no longer a moving part but a capacitive button that vibrates mimicking a physical button. At first it felt weird, but once I got used to it, I prefer it over the old physical button on the older version. The sensitive can be changed in the settings in iOS to require as little pressure or more pressure to trigger the home button.

Battery life on the iPhone 7 Plus has been great so far. I’ve been able to get 2 full days of use before I charge. And even then, the phone was hovering just a little over 35%. So it could have lasted more than 2 days if I waited till the very last minute to charge the phone. Which I rarely do to any phones I’ve owned before.

Almost forgot to mention, Apple finally announced the iPhone 7/7 Plus carries a rating of IP67. What does this mean you might ask… It’s the rating in which defines whether the phone is dust and or water proof (or resistant for a more legal term). IP rating stands for Ingress Protection. IP67. The 6 means total protection against dust. While the 7 means the phone is protected against water immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes before damages might start to occur. Samsung’s Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, and Note 7 Carry an IP Rating of IP68, meaning their water immersion is suppose to be better than the iPhone. I have yet to test this feature as I don’t make it a habit of bringing my phone into my showers, I rarely go swimming, and I haven’t gone out and used the phone while its pouring rain outside.

Camera wise, the iPhone 7 Plus has a dual camera set up. One is more the wide angle shots, the other is a telephoto lens which is capable of more of a portrait style picture or zooming. Both interchange depending on whether you’re zooming in or not. With the inclusion of the telescopic lens in the iPhone 7 Plus, the phone is not capable of 2x optical zoom, and up to 10x digital zoom. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to use the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus too often to take some good shots. Once I do I will upload them here.

Spec wise of this phone is that it’s running their latest A10 processor, with 3GBs of RAM in the Plus model. The non Plus model has 2GBs of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage. And the usual connectivity.

The Matte Black phone is kind of slippery so people who are generally clumsy should seek out a case for it almost immediately, to prevent any accidental damages or get apple care. I will most likely get the glass screen protector and a bumper case. But Apple care is not something I would need. Once I have the bumper case and glass protector, it should be more than fine. I don’t make it a habit of dropping my phones often anyway. Even when I was out playing Pokemon Go all those days.

I should also note here that the iPhone 7/7 Plus now features stereo speaker configuration, which is a welcome addition.

I hear a lot of hype about how fast the iPhone fingerprint scanner is. However, comparing it to the OnepPlus 3. The animation on the iPhone makes it feel slower than it is on the OP3, which is surprising to me. Though disabling the animation may make it on par. Nonetheless both fingerprint readers are very quick and pretty accurate.

Another feature I have not tried yet is Apple Pay. I have not set that up yet, but will eventually set up.

I will update this review post as I get to play with the phone more or if I remember features I forgot to mention!

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