OSX Energy Saver is pretty useless

Scenario: I have a 17″ MacBook Pro which is connected to a 22″ LCD monitor and using an external keyboard and mouse. I also want to use the 17″ laptop display as a secondary display as well. That is not where the issue is. The issue is where Apple thinks it is not necessary to put in a feature to disable specific USB devices such as my keyboard and mouse from being able to wake up the computer without having to unplug them each time I go to bed. Right now, if I leave it plugged in, the MacBook Pro likes to wake itself up every 5 minutes. I neither touched the keyboard or mouse so there should be no reason why it is waking up. But it is and every morning I wake up, the MacBook Pro is running warm. Because it’s been running all night long waking and sleeping. The only way to do this is to unplug it every night I go to sleep and plug it back in when I use the laptop.

For a $3000 device for its time, that’s kind of not acceptable. Windows has always had the feature to disable certain devices (ie mouse) from being able to wake up the device and it’s worked wonderfully. I put the computer to sleep and it never wakes up the computer. After digging a little further to find a good solution, everyone on the internet says to just unplugging each night is the only solution you need.

This is a terrible design decision. I should be able to determine whether I want the USB keyboard and or mouse to be able to wake up the computer or not. But since Apple likes to tell its users what they need and what they don’t need. I guess this is something they don’t want us to be doing. For whatever reason they decided. How is my MacBook saving energy by constantly needing to wake up from sleep mode when the laptop is idling.

I guess I will add this to the list of reasons for not to get a Mac. It can’t even power management properly. How can I expect it to do more complicated functions properly. :S Not to mention they are insanely overpriced for what you get. I bought this Mac back in 2009. Shall be my last Mac and I will continue to use it until it dies. Which at this rate its pissing me off, could be sooner rather than later. XD

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