February 2016 – Haunted Theme

It’s that time of month again, where I receive this month’s (or last month’s) Loot Anime box. Thought I have decided to discontinue my subscription with Loot Anime to conserve my money, I will still be subscribed to Loot Crate and Level up Wearables.

I will post the loot from this month’s Loot Anime anyway.

RWBY T-Shirt I always love getting T-Shirts. Saves me time from having to go out and buy them.

Tokyo Ghoul Shot Glasses

Though I don’t drink… much anymore, these are still pretty neat!

RWBY notebook.

Pretz, Hot Chilli Salad-Flavoured Pretz. Looking forward to seeing how they actually taste

Oni Bandana Mask. I’ll probably hang this one up somewhere to decorations. Never really wrote bandanas. :p

Soul Eater Patch

Oops. It’s facing the wrong side. It’s the Haunted Phone Charm. Never really carried anything hanging from the phone. Never knew they made cases with those anymore. lol.

More Manga to read! Noragami Manga Vol #1

The monthly poster

I will probably buy Anime Crate on a monthly bases, depending on the theme that month. Probably won’t end up getting every month like I do with Loot Crate and Level Up Wearable. I gotta worry about other finances after all.

Until next time.

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