Small update

Haven’t posted on my blog for a while now. Though I doubt I have any readers anyway. I finally got my hands on a OnePlus Two invite and have ordered my new phone. It should be shipped and arriving sometime this month. I also upgraded my Rogers line and got an LG G4 and gave my Note 4 to my dad since he had been asking me for a while now to get him a Note 4. This was a couple of months ago though. I finally decided to cancel the Saygus preorder for that phone that doesn’t seem like it will be out any time soon. I pre-ordered that sine February this year and they’ve done nothing but delay and give false hope to their customer base. Even if they eventually do release the phone, I have lost faith in their ability to support the phone since it took them months in between updates and their support is lackluster at best.

I am currently subscribed to 2 different subscription box service. Though with the condo move in coming up I might have to cancel one or both of them. If I don’t I might start posting them on ,y bog for a chance to show what I got in the boxes since they are quite cool most of the time.

Nothing much else has changed though I’ve been lazy in doing reviews on phones that I have bought. I will do a comparison between the LG G4, OnePlus One, and the OnePlus Two once I have received the OPT.

Funny thing about the OPT invite. I’ve been waiting since they officially launched the device to get an invite. So I sign up for the reservation systems, join the forums and am currently participating in it and even a owner of the original OnePlus One phone. My coworker comes up the other day and tells me he got the OnePlus Two Invite and was intended on making money off it. The next day he comes up to me and offers the invite because he found out that the amount he would make was not worth his time and effort. I figured I wouldn’t be getting my invite anytime soon, knowing my luck, I went for it and used his account to get the OnePlus Two, the glass protector for it, and a flip case for it in case I feel like protecting it. I was unable to get the Kevlar backing nor the Otterbox Commute case that I had wanted to get as it was sold out. Total cam e out to be $629CAD for everything, including duties.

The very next day, I received my own invite from OnePlus saying I can buy the OnePlus Two. What are the odds of that happening. I ended up using the invite anyway since I had a coworker who wanted the phone anyway. O bought it and he paid me back for it. This purchase was only the phone with the glass protector and it came out to be $595CAD after everything. Both are the 64GB model with 4GBs of RAM. should be more than enough for what I am using it for and I still have the LG G4 as my secondary phone, right after I unlock it for the Bell network.

I can’t wait to get the phone and play with it. I may try to use both my Rogers and Bell Sim in one phone and see how it works. I am hoping the battery life would be up to par.

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