On going battle with Razer Support

I can’t believe it’s been over half a month already since I made the order for this mouse. Less than a week later I already had he mouse die. Keep in mind that I ordered this mouse online, so with the shipping time I actually only had owner ship for a short little while before the mouse died (2 days). Well 1 if you count the symptoms that it started showing before it full out died the following day. The troubleshooting responses I received were fast. Usually within half an hour to an hour I had already received a response. They they issued the RMA number. The email did mention a 2 way waybill that I should be receiving in the email from the RMA department. I received instructions from the RMA department within 5 mins, told me how I need to have the unit packaged so it doesn’t get damaged in transit and the address I am suppose to be sending it back to. Which shouldn’t have been necessary had I received the waybill with all that information already attached.

So I made another ticket asking for the waybill. Supposedly have gotten escalated but no response, so I made a little rant on their community site which I had been a member for during the appreciation sale. Which got taken down in less than an hour, at least some of their departments are fast to respond. (Accepting money, making sure their fourms are free from bad press) Support doesn’t seem to be one of them, I guess a company that’s made for Gamers by Gamers are busy playing their games to man the support queue. The people on their community forums told me to send them a PM with the case number which I did. I received a reply promptly from one of the “Community Specialist” saying Support will get in touch with me shortly. And surprise, they did. Their response was that I did get 2 way shipping and to look in my email for the waybill. I already checked the junk mail and the main mail but never saw anything related to the RMA number besides that RMA email I received with instructions. So I responded to that email saying I never received the waybill and to advise what to do next. It’s now been 4 days and I have not heard from them. I guess there is some sort of quota on responses I receive per week and that is 1 response per week. OR they are waiting for my RMA period to expire so that I am Shit out of Luck and have to make another RMA ticket which they will probably say I need to pay for shipping then cause I waited too long.

In my experience so far, Razer Support has been by far the worst experience I have had to deal with. Will I recommend Razer? Tough call, they make good products, but when they stop working, good luck with their support. This is Rant #3 about Razer. 🙁

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