The Evolution of my Gaming Setup!

I found really old pictures I took with various camera devices over the years and I thought I’d post them here. The earliest ones dating as far back as 2004. Unfortunately I did not possess or had access to a camera in the more earlier years when I first started getting into computers. I had one of those Ikea bunk beds/work desk set up where the top is the bed and the bottom was an open space for a desk. This is going to be a very long post! FYI, there are a lot of missing pictures that I am still in the process of finding it. I just decided to make this post about an hour and a half ago and it’s taken me this long to find these pictures. I have other sources like my MBP I haven’t looked at yet and previous back ups, which some of them are probably gone by now. I will post whichever ones I can find and update this post while fixing the numerous grammar and spelling mistakes I might have in this post as I did not bother with spell check whatsoever.

The earliest would be 2004 where I was already running a custom build desktop. Not top of the line but I believe it was running an Athlon XP 2400+ with a Radeon 9800 Pro video card, later upgraded to an X800 Pro running on the AGP interface!

Version 2.0

19″ CRT display with the Logitech MX700 desktop set and the MX1000 laser mouse (I believe that was Logitech’s first mouse to include a laser sensor), a Black with Blue LED Aspire case and Logitech Z640 speakers. I can’t believe I’ve already had them for more than 10 years and they’re still working! 😮

Old ass tiny tube TV that was imported over from Hong Kong and the Original XBox that I played only a couple of times and they were to play Halo 1 and 2. Anyone remember what a VCR is?! lol!

These stereo systems used to be so popular and so expensive back in the day. I think that particular system cost like $200 dollars and came with a 6-disc changer!

My system at night with the lights off. So nice and bright! 🙂

Eventually 1 monitor was not enough and I started using dual display.
Those days multiple display were not very practical as you can see how much space it took and how little space I had in return. Remember when IRC was popular for file sharing… I mean chatting! :p

Eventually I got my hands on another 19″ CRT same make and model and I had a proper CRT dual display. These thing drew quite a bit of power compared to the monitors of today.

I eventually went on an expansion phase where I any table top of shelf boards I found that was unused, I found a use for it. You’ll noticed that watch is placed directly on top of my desk light. It was solar powered and I used that to recharge its battery. Pardon the messy wires!

Remember that small 15″ monitor I had earlier, I made use of it as well running a secondary system I decided to play with running Linux. I tried installing fedora Linux back then

Yes… I used empty Tic Tac cases to help support a desk. There was no heavy objects on it and it held up pretty well I must say. Also Keyboard upgraded to the Logitech DiNovo Bluetooth Media Desktop. I loved the keyboard and mouse until I spilled water on it and it stopped working for a time. Eventually after a few days, it started working again! And it still works till this day, though it is sitting in a box somewhere. The Keyboard uses 4 AA batteries and the media pad uses another 2. That’s quite the battery count for a few months of battery life!

More shuffling around, I was bored at the time. Summer vacation during my high school times. I did not go out at all, instead Forums and IRC were pretty much all I did every day. I learned a lot about computers and programming from that experience though. And met a lot of interesting people I now don’t talk to anymore. I used to help moderate a website called Invisionize, previously called IBPlanet. An official Invision Power Board resource site turned Unofficial when management changed. I think the website no longer exists but I haven’t been a part of that community in a long time when majority of its members left. Some tried to start a website called IBSource but that failed to make any traction. Also, yes I had fans blowing air at me during the hot summer days. With 2 computers running in a room facing north, the room did get hot. Didn’t help it was right above the laundry room and garage.

Eventually 2 systems were not enough, though one of the system was too far away to use most of the time, a 3rd system was set up running Windows XP, which made space more limited. But I was young, I didn’t care. LOL It was suppose to be my dedicated IRC box but eventually I took it down.

Version 2.1

Did another move, much cleaner than before but still pretty tight since the room was tiny to begin with. Gone is the 3rd system. The second system remained there. Also new case. Switched from an Aspire case to a Cooler Master case. Upgraded the VCR player to a DVD Player. OMG! I think I was watching Atlantis. Also, since my room gets pretty toasty in there during summer time. I had to get a cooler to keep my chocolate bars cool with an ice pack!

Version 3.0

Eventually my upstairs room got so hot, I requested a room be partitioned in the basement where it’s much cooler. My request was fulfilled and I moved into the basement…

computer 3
Also, at this point my main system was moved into a beefy case, the Thermaltake Armor series V8000 with the 250mm case fan and the secondary system which I was still using at the time was moved to a Centurion. Both have also been upgraded to 64-bit AMD though at the time still running 32-bit Windows. There is also a Dell Inspiron E1501. The laptop is still functioning though one of the hinge is broken right now and the battery is completely dead. It’s currently actually running Ubuntu 13.01 I think… And Gone are the CRT monitors and Hello LCD monitors! oh, and a TV upgrade!

computer 9
Eventually I went with a dual display set up on my main machine and a third monitor running the second machine. There are a lot of keyboards, but only 2 systems. The white one you see there was for booting into BIOS as USB keyboards weren’t well supported for BIOS operations then or at least I never got it working on those motherboards. I don’t remember why I had 3 keyboards on the desktop though. The MX3200 I think was used for typing while the G15 was for gaming? Also MX Revolution and G7 mouse! I also got a little creative and used dead hard drives my dad brought home to create some sort of height boost for the monitors. I don’t remember where I put those mousepads though, I have them somewhere. I just got to find them!

Eventually the MX3200 wireless keyboard got replaced with the Razer Tarantula keyboard I won in from a giveaway. It was my first ever Razer product. I had not heard of them until I won this keyboard. It was a good keyboard.

TV was replaced by a CRT monitor. A third system was born to become it’s replacement. Don’t remember the specs, but it had the TV Tuners.

Blurry pic, but I was watching Bleach. Anyone remember Windows XP Media Center Edition before they bundled it with Windows Vista and subsequent versions of Windows. Then removed it from Windows 8 and sold it as extra feature cause people stopped using it…

3 system set up at the time. All AMD based systems, I was a big AMD fan back then since they were cheaper than their Intel counterpart and was actually out performing them. All that changed when the Core Micro-architecture came out. Slightly better cable management.

Timeskip time… 2013

Version 3.1

I know I have pictures between this move and the previous set up. I will update once I find them. I also have pictures of my dorm room life when I was in Humber College, though I think I only took pictures for my second year. I don’t think I took pictures for my first year. If I did they have been deleted accidentally

Have 4 displays now, 3 for one system 1 for netbox I had won at a company party. Still rocking a 2 system set up. But one of the tower based system was moved outside the room eventually becoming my file server. Eventually that AMD system started having RAM issues so the unit was replaced buy it’s successor. AMD’s APU based system which acts as a full time file server as oppose to a terminal for my family to use. It is sitting in my current closet running. Devices you see are: Logitech MX Revolution, Performance MX, Razer Mamba (Original), Cybord R.A.T 7 Contagion. I have no idea why I had 4 computer mouse for 2 systems. A Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung ATIV S and Nokia Lumia 920. Keyboards are the Logitech DiNovo Edge and DAS Model S Keyboard. The speakers are now Corsair SP2500 2.1 Gaming speakers.

Got rid of my old 20″ CRT TV and replaced it with a 46″ LCD display. I’d say that was a pretty big upgrade. I had also gotten a Boxee Box through Employee program at CC, XBox 360 and PS3. The Z640 speakers are now my home theatre speakers.

Version 4.0

Basement got renovated resulting in my old room being taken apart. In place a properly partitioned part of the basement was allocated to my living quarters which I now reside in. Though there have been 2 revisions of my computer are since then.

This is the first iteration of my desk I did after moving to the basement. Not much changed, I just replaced the table and moved the mounts location to face the wall instead of behind the lighter wooden table. The LG 4:3 monitor has since been replaced by dual AOC 24″ monitors and the LG 16:10 ratio display has been moved off the mount for second AOC display. This is a 1 system set up with my current and latest Core i7 build running 2 video cards. Radeon HD5770 and 6970 Still an AMD fan, but running Intel CPU. 🙂 Also Surface Pro!. Blackwidow was for gaming (World of Warcraft)and the Mac keyboard was there for everything else. Stayed that way for a bit. File server is access via Remote Desktop Connection, so technically still a 2 system set up.

The 2 AOC monitors and the Samsung display is now portrait mode. Not much else has changed. Razer Blackwidow got replaced with my Corsair K95.

20140826_001525_AndroidOne of the LG monitors ran at 1680×1050 resolution while the rest were at 1920×1080. Was going to pick up another 1920×1080 monitor but I couldn’t resist this monitor. 29″ AOC 21:9 ratio monitor at 2560×1080. Was worried the mount is not able to withstand the weight but so far so good!

Second revision
Finally we have reached the end of the road. Though there has been some slight modifications already, nothing too big. The monitor with the Lambo is back in portrait mode, the mouse is currently the Steelseries Sensei Wireless I JUST picked up today. Everything else has remained the same. Forgot to mention new computer chain from about a year ago and already the faux leather is ripped on parts of the chair. Logitech G930 wireless headsets being charged. Used for Raid in Wow or general wireless headphone usage, when I was to listen to music and walk around the room.

A most updated picture will come soon. I still gotta fill in my previous pictures.

Enjoy! 🙂

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