I think I’m done with Razer Products.

I’ve used and owned a few Razer products and for the most part they’ve worked perfectly fine. Don’t get me wrong, I think Razer makes pretty good products. When they work that is. But this past experience with their support has gotten me to rethink whether I should consider their products in the future.

I have owned the following Razer products: Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard, Original Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse, Oroichi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse, Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard and the Ironclad Aluminium Mouse Pad.

My first encounter with their support team was when my Ironclad started to wear out less than 6 months of purchasing it. I contacted them and asked what they could do for me and their response was they do not cover wear and tear. Even though the website guarantees that I don’t ever need to worry about wear and tear. It was a little spot on the Mousepad where the mouse was constantly being used on. The paint on it started to wear out. I don’t know why I let that one go but since they wouldn’t do anything about it and it wasn’t really causing any issues, it didn’t bother me as much.

Now comes to why I have started reconsidering Razer products. First of all, I love using the Mamba mouse I already have. The original one, without the second optical sensor running along side the laser sensor. When I heard Razer announced a “CES 2015 appreciation sale” I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a second Mamba mouse. The experience on the website is like any other big sale, slow and painful as hundreds if not thousands of people trying to access the website to get their hands on limited quantity items. The item shipped quickly. I received the tracking the very next day and two days later, I received the item. You can read my previous post about the exact issue about the mouse. So I don’t need to repeat it here.

I got a hold of their support via their contact form, waited the weekend + a couple of days as they were swamped with support tickets, which I guess I did not mind at the time. They replied to my ticket asking me for my mailing address, the product it was for and serial and explain to them what the issue was in greater detail. They also gave me a list of questions to answer to help troubleshoot. Their contact form limits your input to 500 characters which was not enough for me to explain the issue to them. I answered the questions as best I could and as great detail as I could to make sure the RMA process goes smoothly.

They reply the next day saying that it could be the firmware causing the issue as firmwares can be buggy (their words). I had already told them I tried that method a few times without success, but to entertain them, I used the link they provided and tried it again. Same results as when I did it prior to sending in the ticket. So I let them know I have tried it without success. This time they replied really quickly and did the whole usual “We’re sorry you are having issue with one of our products…” and that I will be expecting another email from the RMA department with instructions on getting an exchange. I waited for that and did not receive the email until the next day. I checked the email in the morning prior to leaving for work and noticed that Razer only gave me the RMA number and mailing address. I figured if they were truly sorry for sending me a product that only lasted 2 days they would at least own up their mistakes and give me free 2 way shipping. They are expecting me to ship the unit back at my own expense before they will send me a replacement. I am not asking for a refund or anything nor have I used this mouse for a long time before getting issues. There is no possible way I could have worn out the mouse in less than 2 days of use and less than 4 hours of use time per day. If that’s true then Razer quality has gone to shit since I last bought a Razer product and an even better reason not to buy their products any more.

I proceeded to sending another ticket, since the RMA email said not to reply to that email address as they do not check it. And I explained to them my story and how they could have the nerves to ask me to pay to ship the product from Toronto to California. It doesn’t even matter how much it would cost to ship it. I’ve used the mouse for less than 2 days before it died, which is not my fault that this happened. Even Logitech was nice enough to provide me with free shipping back to them when one of my keycaps on the DiNovo Edge keyboard broke off through normal usage over a years time.

I received a reply from them later that day saying they had escalated it to a higher support tier, but I have not heard from them yet. I received the reply Friday morning, and since they don’t work on the weekend, I guess I won’t be expecting a reply till earliest tomorrow morning (Monday). Depending on their response I might just say forget the replacement and just give me a refund on your defective. And I will be done with Razer products in the future. I have already caved and bought myself a Steelseries Sensei Wireless since I have been without a gaming mouse for a good week now (My other mamba was brought to work as my work mouse). If they decide to give me free shipping, I guess I could use the Mamba mouse as spare or something. I do have other systems that uses crappy mouse right now that I can use the Mamba for. :p

The lights on the dock and the mouse do look kind of cool since thats all I could use it for when the sensor is not working. We shall see tomorrow.

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