Razer Mamba woes…

Razer had a pretty big sale last Monday following CES 2015. They offered consumers up to 50% off everything on their online store. 30% for new and refurb systems and 50% off everything else. I debated between getting the Mamba gaming mouse or the Blackwidow Chroma keyboard. Since I recently got a Logitech K800 wireless keyboard for work and I already have an awesome Corsair Vengeance K95 keyboard I decided to wait a little longer for the Chroma keyboard. I went with the Razer Mamba mouse. The experience, though expected, was very slow with a lot of website issues as thousands of people poured into Razer’s website trying to get their hands on the stuff they wanted from the sale. With limited quantities on everything and the website acting bad during that time; A lot of people were disappointed as they tried to get onto the add to cart page only to have that item become sold out when they tried to add it to their cart.

This is not complaining about that, as with all big sale and little effort to make sure systems stayed onine or be able to handle that amount of traffic. It’s not unexpected situations like this would arise.

I managed to get the Mamba mouse and it shipped the next day. It took about 3 days transit time before I received it at home. Unfortunately I was taxed the full amount the product was worth of 149.99 instead of the amount I paid for which was 79.99. (I blame customs I suppose). I noticed the weirdest thing yesterday when I got home from work and tried to use my computer, the cursor disappeared. Usually the mouse cursor is on my main display. At first I didn’t know what was going on, so I unplugged the mouse from the charging pad and plugged it directly to the mouse and that seemed to have fixed everything.

This morning when I got onto my computer the same thing happened, so I did the same fix I did last night and everything was working again. I went out to run my errands, and came back to the exact same issue. But this time that fix no longer worked. I did however, noticed that the buttons were still working. And I was wondering why my windows kept disappearing and reappearing. Apparently, when the Mamba mouse is plugged in. With or without the mouse sensor facing the table. The cursor seems to really like spazzing, eventually ending up in the furthest bottom right corner of my 4th monitor (which I use as my security monitor). Since it’s not near my peripheral, it didn’t occur to me to check that monitor. I noticed that the mouse click functions seem to work. So I plugged in one of my many mouse that I still have at work (they all work… lol) and moved the mouse over to a window and tried the scroll wheel, left and right click and they all work. Same with the Back and forth keys as well as the DPI button. The only thing that was not working was the sensor. The main function of the mouse not being able to move the cursor at all is makes the mouse kind of useless. I don’t think it’s some sort of firmware issue as it said it succeed in updating. And Device Manager is detecting the mouse as a Mamba. I also plugged it to my MacBook Pro and Surface Pro and immediately that spazzing issue started happening. The MacBook Pro does not have Synapses 2.0 installed while my main desktop and Surface Pro does have the latest version installed.

I have already submitted a ticket to Razer and waiting a reply. Since it IS the weekend I’m probably going to be waiting a while before I receive any sort of answer. It doesn’t help that they are apparently backed up with support tickets. That means I’m going to be without the Mamba mouse for at least 2-3 weeks.

I bought this mouse so I could bring my old Mamba (the original version) to work and use this as my new main gaming mouse. But that looks like a fail. The old one still works. I think the only difference (that I know of at least) is the inclusion of an optical sensor to “help” track better on different kinds of surfaces. But doesn’t look like it’s helping much since it can’t even move the mouse cursor an inch and all it can do is spazz the cursor to the bottom right corner.

Out of all the mouse and keyboards I’ve owned. This is the first time I’ve actually ran into a malfunctioning mouse. Maybe I should take it as a sign and avoid Razer products in the future? lol. 1/5 = 20% fail rate is still not bad. But considering I’ve never had a Logitech product I’ve owned failed (minus wear and tear) The 20% fail rate from Razer is high.

All I can do now is wait and see what Razer will do or say about this ticket. That will be my deciding factor whether or not to stick with Razer products or move onto other brands. The Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma Stealth does look nice tho, with the Orange switch.

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