Felt like posting this before I went to bed. Stayed up too late last night trying to fix my router which decided to act stupid last night. Somehow the Hardware Accelerator for the switches was causing massive instability to the system, like it would crash and reboot the router every 30 to 60 seconds. Anyway… From the bottom row left to right, I have the 1st gen Apple iPod Touch 16GB, Blackberry Q10, Apple iPhone 5 16GB, Blackberry Z10, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One (It’s my work phone so it doesn’t belong to me, but I felt like adding it), Blackberry 9800 Torch, Nintendo 3DXL Pokemon Y Edition. Second row; 30GB iPod 5G, ASUS Transformer Book TF100 64GB Atom Bay Trail powered, Microsoft Surface Pro with the Power Cover for extended battery life, Oppo N1, HTC Legend.

Behind the scenes is my main computer set up of course, I also have the Nokia Wireless charging stand which obviously used to charge my Lumia 920 Windows Phone. What’s missing are my other laptops which consist of a 2006 15″ MacBook Pro (The screen is wonky on it, with physical damage thanks to a friend who shall remain nameless), 2009 17″ MacBook Pro, Dell Inspiron 6400 (My first laptop I bought going into my first year of College). The Motorola Moto X, which currently is being used by my mom. I have both the Z10 and Q10 battery charger bundle since I have both phones. And a bunch of keyboards and mouse. Come to think about it, I sure do have a lot of tech in my room. LOL. I should try to limit how much I spend on tech…. Perhaps after I get the OnePlus One phone… That’s if I get lucky enough and get an invite. Currently the phone is labled as the “Flagship killer” with Flagship specs for $349 for the 64GB phone. So it’s worth it. But it’s currently exclusive to people who have invites. Much like how Gmail was when it first came out.

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