Price Error of 2014!


Update 6/4/2014: Well it was fun while it lasted I suppose. I was really hoping that it slipped through their cracks and I’d get my hands on it. But it looks like they finally caught up and cancelled the order. Since it now shows up as Cancelled, there is no point in keeping my eye on it any longer. Also means I will not be doing a review on this model. LOL oh well. Until the next price error I guess. I don’t think Lenovo will care to learn about fixing it since they seem to be able to get away with doing these price errors on an annual basis. Free PR for them I suppose.

Update 6/2/2014: Forgot to update the post. My first Y410p order finally got changed to cancelled. So the first one is done and over with. The Second one still shows as Released to Manufacture. I sort of hope that it really did slip the cracks and they’ll actually send it out to me. Well as always, in the unlikelihood that they really did ship it to me, I shall write up an in-depth review with tons of pictures. 🙂

Update 5/26/2014: It’s now 18:40 Eastern Standard Time and both my orders are still in the “Released to Manufacture” state. They have not been changed to “Cancelled”. So I can only assume that my order is technically still on it’s way to the manufacturing plant for assembly. But I will probably never see the product shipped to my house. Hopefully I’d either get a full refund or I get the laptop as promised? hehe Only time will tell. Global News seems to have picked up the story. Also #LenovoSucks is still trending hash tag on social media sites. A petition has been going on in hopes Lenovo will cave. The only response from Lenovo is the original “We had to cancel your order due to a pricing error.” and that you can buy the same laptop at a higher price than we had it before sort of deal. People are calling it bait and switch.

I decided to blog this because I thought it was interesting and a pretty big fail on the company’s part because of how they responded to the issue. So it started 3 days ago when I found a link on Facebook from a friend’s post about some sick deal Lenovo was having. Lenovo later officially responded on social media by saying it was a price error on their end and that everyone who made an order at the price tag would have their ordered cancelled. Well they didn’t openly say it would be cancelled, just that someone from the sales team would be contacting the “affected” customers. The product in question mainly affected Lenovo’s Ideapad Y410p and Z510p laptops. Both are pretty high end specs with a Intel Core i7 4700MQ and 8GBs of RAM, 1TB drive and a GTX755M graphics unit. One is a 14″ screen, the other is a 15″ screen. The prices were $279 for the y410p and $255 for the Z510.

Obviously, when people come across this price, they’d share it with everyone. Regardless whether they knew it was a price error or not, they still decided to make the plunge for it to see if they can really buy the laptop at such a bargain deal. This is human nature to go for such a deal, especially when they’re potentially saving 1000+ dollars. 12 hours into the “bargain”, Lenovo started sending out cancellation letters to customers stating their order will be cancelled because of price error. That they are welcome to make a new purchase order at the proper price and that the price error has been fixed. I’ll admit I was one of those people who went for the deal and made the gamble hoping it would work. Received the letter from Lenovo saying my order was cancelled though when I went to the order status it still remains in the state of “Released to manufacture”. I figured the order was cancelled and wanted to see for myself that the problem has been fixed. To my surprise, the “price error” was still live on their website and banners everywhere showing the savings. The banner stated clearly that you can save up to 79% on selected y410p models and on the price tag it still shows $279.00. The others were still affect also.

So I decided to try and make another purchase as a lot of people were saying they couldn’t even get to the check out page. However, that was not the case for me. I was able to get through the check out page and eventually was able to place another order for the same model laptop at the same price. This second order was made approximately 4 hours after Lenovo claimed they have fixed this error. Since this price error issue started on Thursday. Lenovo technically had 2 full business days to resolve this issue and remove the coupon in question until they could get the fix up and running. I highly doubt editing a few lines of code would require such a long time, especially if they know people will continue to make new orders for it. Lenovo was finally able to remove the links and coupons to the affect sku and coupon by Saturday morning.

I received another cancellation email from Lenovo Saturday morning saying my order had been cancelled. The most interesting thing is, the order number in the cancellation email did not match the order number I received for the second purchase. The first one was correct. The second one was not. So I’m not sure when I will receive a cancellation email for the second order. Or it I will receive one at all. What’s even more interesting is that my order status for the second order was “Processing Order” before I received the email. It was changed recently after I got the email to “Released to Manufacture”. My first order still remains in the status of “Released to manufacture”. Does this mean that my order has been sent to their manufacturing plant and they’re in the process or assembling this laptop. The website did say that the laptop usually ships within 7-9 business days anyway. But I received a cancellation email. Shouldn’t the status be cancelled. I would assume if it’s anything else it means the order is still under way. Wouldn’t it be logical to actually cancel the order so they don’t have the laptop assembled just so it’d be sitting collecting dust in their warehouse losing value? People have reported seeing their order status changed to Cancelled with or without having received the email. So why is this so inconsistent.

Lenovo Canada seems to have a weird track record for price errors which tends to happen at least once a year. They have been claiming it as a price error each and every time and never have honoured the price for obvious reasons. But I’d like to think that Lenovo, being such a big tech company should at least be competent enough to try and prevent similar situations from happening again. And to take this long to resolve the site side issue was very sloppy on their end. They posted that they were aware of the issue. They should have at least taken the code offline. But they kept it live for at least another 12 hours afterwards kind of makes it look more like Lenovo did this on purpose for some ulterior motive.

Both my orders are still sitting in “Released to Manufacture”. Since it’s the weekend I’m guessing the sales staff are off now. So I’m assuming by Monday afternoon, both my orders would be officially cancelled with the proper order status. Although I’d still like to hope that it doesn’t happen and I can buy 2 laptops at $279 each. I was going to write a review about it myself as it does seem like a nice laptop to own. But we shall find out next week. :p

I will update this post once I see a status update on my order. Until then I will be keeping an eye on that page. But I’m not holding my breath.

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