Typo… Blackberry keyboard for your iPhone?


Have you ever missed using physical keyboard so much you wish they made something for the iPhone? If so Typo might be the keyboard accessory you are looking for. Typo is a keyboard case that adds a physical keyboard for your iPhone through Bluetooth.

It also frees up the space normally used by the virtual keyboard so you have a bigger area to type on. In order to not greatly affect the battery life of the phone it does not draw power directly from the phone, instead it has a small little battery built into the case. Rated at 180 mAh it should provide you with enough power to type your way through a days worth (I have not had the opportunity to test it yet as I just received it less than 2 hours ago. I will report back after a week). Its charged by its own usb connector which uses the MicroUSB port instead of Apple’s lightning port.


Typo has a look strikingly similar to that of Blackberry’s well know keyboard design they have used in their Bold line and the Q10 phone. In fact Blackberry has filed a lawsuit claiming on patent and trademark infringement to potentially block future sales. Though there are a few differences in the device. Some of the key arrangement is placed differently. Namely the additional Home Button on the bottom right corner of the keyboard as this case effectively blocks off iPhone’s Home button on the device itself. Users of iPhone 5s will find their fingerprint no longer accessible. If you use the Fingerprint scanner regularly, unfortunately if you are willing to ditch the fingerprint scanning feature, this accessory might not be right for you. The case is also not compatible if you have a Home Button sticker as when you type on the keyboard it will hit the home button causing you to go back to the home screen. I found that out the hard way.

Typing on the keyboard kind of reminds me about typing on my old 9900. I don’t own a Q10 so I have not had the opportunity to play with its keyboard. There were times that I accidentally hit the home button instead of the return key. This is just something that requires getting used to the keyboard and it’s placement, which shouldn’t take too long.


The case does allow easy access to all the ports available on the iPhone. But now there’s one extra port to worry about. The MicroUSB port for charging the keyboard at night.


I shall provide a full report in a weeks time after I have had ample time to play around with it.

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