Oppo N1 woes…

It has been a week and a half since I receive the Oppo N1 in the mail and I’ve been using it as my main Bell phone since then. So far everything has been working pretty well under the officially support Cyanogenmod 10.2 ROM that came with the phone. The only issue that I have been having is with the Oppo O-Click accessory that is suppose to pair up with the phone. I am able to pair the device to the N1, but for some reason will not connect and the functions in the O-Click menu are greyed out.

I have reached out to Oppo, the makers of the phone hopefully to find a resolution and they recommended me switching to their own ROM the ColorOS. The O-Click works fine with ColorOS, though I have not and will not be installing that. It would defeat the purpose of getting the CM edition of the phone. Oppo technical support has told me they are working with the CM team to hopefully fix the issue but they have not released the updated firmware as of yet. Hopefully it would be soon or the issue is fixed with CM11 and that too will be released soon.

The O-Click accessory is Oppo’s bluetooth enabled addon for the N1 to act as a notification device that attaches to your keychain. It can also act as a proximity reminder when either devices are too far away from each other. This would be useful if you tend to leave your phone. It can also act as a beacon locator in case you lost your phone. The feature works in reverse. If you have the O-Click with your car keys and you misplaced it, you can use the phone to locate the O-Click device and find your keys that way.

The accessory can also be used a remote shutter. This can be seen as a good thing or considered the ultimate stalker device. You can take group pictures without utilizing the timer feature and running like hell back to the group or finding some stranger to take the picture for you and worried he might just run off with your phone entirely. You can also take the picture in ways people won’t know your taking the picture. You’ll just be holding the camera up like your watching the screen and clicking on the O-Click button to snap the pictures.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. So far the O-Click device is just hanging off my keychain with no practical use right now. LOL

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