New Router!

After a good 11 years of service I am finally retiring my trustworthy Linksys WRT54G router. Even though there was nothing wrong with the router, I made the decision to replace the aging router in favor for a more up to date router, technologically speaking. The new coming is the ASUS AC1750 RT-AC66U Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router.

My previous router, Linksys WRT54G v.3.0 was one of those good routers that allowed the installation of custom firmware that unlocked features you’d normally only find on higher end, higher priced routers. I ran the custom firmware called tomato which had served me well. The router itself was fabulous. After 11 years of usage it has never failed on me. I feel sad that I am replacing it. Unfortunately with the amount of devices I have in my household and the speed of the internet always on the rise. a 54mbit wireless router was finally showing it’s age. My internet speed is already maxing out the wireless speeds making it the source of major bottlenecks on the network. The 100mbit switch was adequate for one HD movie streaming, but as more people use it. You’ll notice it buffer to keep up.

The new comer is a wireless ac standard router capable of speeds of up to 1.75Gbs theoretical. Though I don’t have any devices that take advantage of the AC feature. The range of the router is further than my previous router. The gigabit switch on the router is also a welcome sight as I can now stream multiple HD videos without worrying about it buffering. Picking out a new router wasn’t hard, but it was not easy either. I had a few requirements when it comes to finding the proper router. The major one is being able to potentially run DD-WRT for further customization. Right now I am running it with the stock firmware that came with the router. I’m seeing how things go with this one before decide whether or not running DD-WRT is necessary. I will install DD-WRT in the future but maybe not right now.

Setting it up was easy and I am able to set up a guest internet access point for guest without worrying about giving them access to my network devices. Which is a good feature to have. The dual band feature is useful. I have devices that can operate on the 5Ghz frequency therefore will not interfere with all the 2.4Ghz wireless frequency every other wireless devices uses.

Now I finally have a router that supports the IPv6 protocol. The downside is that the service I use to stream US netflix does not support the IPv6 standard yet. Hopefully that feature will be supported soon. Another neat feature is the 2 USB ports on the router itself. I can potentially plug in devices like printers or usb drives and share it on the network. That would be awesome to use if I didn’t already have a Network printer set up and a dedicated media server serving all my media needs. LOL but the feature being there is neat nonetheless.

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