A look back from a year ago….

So… Today is the day I grow another year old. Or in gaming terms, I have leveled up a level… That sounded a little nerdy.. LOL Thought I’d make a post looking back at what I have accomplished over the past year and maybe talk about what I plan to accomplish this year…

I worked at the Microsoft “Kiosk” for about 3 months… They don’t like it being called a Kiosk and it was officially called a “Holiday Store” until Microsoft decided to make them permanent in which they renamed it to a “Specialty” store. Whatever they want to call it, it’s still a small little booth in the middle of the mall. It’s still considered a kiosk. I will admit I had fun working with the Microsoft “Holiday” store team. We had our share of laughter and bickering. I won’t go into the negative side of working there as there were some. But I’m trying to focus on the positive here. I was there to help launch some great Microsoft products, such as the Surface RT Tablet now renamed to just Surface, Windows 8 Operating System, Windows Phone 8 (Both the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S). I even purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 and a Samsung ATIV S. Gave the ATIV S to my mom to use while the Lumia 920 is just sitting on the wireless charging stand doing nothing. The phone is not nano sim friendly so I can’t use it.

Left the Microsoft Store the day after New Years. Something that was beyond my control, but looking back now I am sort of glad that it happened. As if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be working at my current job far away from Retail settings, working retail hours. Retail has never been my ultimate career goal. I doubt it is for most people. I was unemployed for a couple days until a friend was able to help get me into my current job. It first started out as a 3 month contract from January ending in April. Then it got extended until extended until June where they again extended it until October. Now they have extended it again until May of next year which is longer than the previous extensions. I will not go into where I work or what I do. If you are interested you can look at my Linkedin profile page for that information. I’ve been there since and it’s been fun. Getting to go to different sites and travel around town. The driving part not so much but it’s a little better now that I’m driving a car that I’m now paying out of my own pocket.

I’ve swapped a few phones with in the last year alone. I went from a Blackberry 9900 + Samsung Galaxy S3 combo. Was stupid enough to replace the 9900 with the Lumia 920. Don’t get me wrong, the Lumia 920 is a great phone. I still miss using the Blackberry 9900 even though I have the Z10. But anyway. Eventually the Lumia 920 got replaced with the Blackberry Z10. This is the Bell side. My Rogers line went from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Motorola Moto X and iPhone 5 which I switch between the 2 every so often. I still have the Galaxy S3 and might give that to my mom to use so she has access to apps like Tango, BBM. The latter which has been announced for WP8, but Tango remains an important app for her to use. Either that or give her the iPhone. But, since I’m using it, that’s out of the question.

Car wise before I got my car in July I’ve been driving the Mitsubishi Outlander. Though I called it “my” car, I did not pay a cent for it except for gas and the occasional oil change. The car was my dads and was under his name in the insurance and ownership. Originally he let me trade it in for a new car and have that car put under my name and everything. But the trade in offer was not acceptable to his requirement so that plan fell through. Though I still ended up buying the car I’ve had my eye on the a while now. I test drove a total of three cars including the one I eventually got. The Hyundai Elantra GT and the Nissan Juke. If it was the Juke-R maybe I would have gotten it. But I ended up going for the Lexus CT200H Hybrid car. and I’ve been loving it ever since. Though the monthly is a little higher than the first two cars, and it’s also just a leasing car. I don’t mind, I just got to be careful how I drive it. It was white though in retrospect I sort of with I had gotten with the exclusive blue they have for that car. The white still looks nice though so I’m happy. It’s the F Sport line so it has the nice wheels and the nicer body than the standard CT200H.

Chilled with my usually group of friends. Went to pretty much all the blockbuster releases, to bars, wings, sushi, BBT etc etc. The biggest thing that happened though was me going out of Canada without my parents. I went to New York City for a couple of days with a couple of close friends and I had a lot of fun there. I still miss New York City and felt that a couple of days was not enough time to explore everything. I will definitely be going back there soon.

Forgot to mention, but I already covered this in the previous post. The basement got renovated and I am not back in the basement in a much bigger room! 🙂

My goal now still remains the same. Try and further my knowledge as much as possible, save up enough money to buy whatever I want and go visit places I have yet to visit. I am also planning on making a trip to Hong Kong and maybe Japan. I still have money sitting in my HK bank account, maybe I’ll use that up and close the account there. LOL

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