Moved back into the basement.

Since mid September, I had to move my room upstairs where my sister used to live due to the renovations that were taking place in the basement. We decided to redo the basement properly and make good use of it. Before the basement was partially done and it was done by my dad. So it was not professionally done and wasted alot of space for dry walls. It was also a hack job adding partitions as needed. There was no real plan. It was until we found molding in the insulation that we decided to tear down the walls and redo it. This time finding professional contractors to do a proper job.

A month and a half later it was done and I was ready to move down. My room has since doubled in size taking up the opposite side of the house from where it once was. And I must say the results were awesome. It looks and feels like I’m living in a small studio apartment. It’s big enough to have my bed, computer area and a room for a tiny living room space for a TV and couch. The closet is quite big as well. With a total of 8 spotlights controlled by 3 switches I can control each row individually to illuminate the room as I saw fit.

Where my room used to be has not been converted into a small kitchen with the stove coming tomorrow. And a general TV area has been set up though we’re using a very old 50″ tube TV and the sofa from upstairs. Not everything in the basement is new furniture. LOL

The washroom has been redone completely. Sadly the old shower stall, which was only used for a year had to be thrown out in favor for a more awesome and bigger custom made shower stall. Still no mirror in the washroom, but that is not very important right now. LOL

Only thing that’s left for me to do to complete my room is new sound system and a bigger TV. Waiting for Boxing day for specials on 60+” LCD or LED TVs and surround sound speakers. Though I forgot to plan ahead and only wired up my room with 5.1 in mind. I should have wired it up for 7.1. Oh well. the right and left side speakers aren’t important. The only complaint I had was the contractors didn’t set up my speaker cables properly. Where the cables were support to reach the receiver they wired it into my closet instead of the other side of the partition where my TV is located. Luckily that wasn’t that big of an issue to resolve and no new holes were needed.

On other news. There is 2 more days until the PS4 is launched and my first game, FIFA 2014 has been shipped! Should be arriving today. Can’t wait to start playing on a system I haven’t even received yet. -.- lol

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