15 days till PS4!

So it’s technically not November yet and today might be Halloween. But there’s only 15 days until the PS4 finally comes out and I already pre-ordered it the first day it became available. Which was pretty much the day after it was announced.

Normally I don’t jump on the bandwagon for console launch days because previously console launches were in the price ranges of 600+ for the unit alone. I’d normally either way for a price drop or buy an open box unit which is cheaper than the launch price. This year is different. The launch prices for both XBox One and Playstation 4 is set at $499 and $399. The XBox one is $100 more because it comes with the kinect unit and they aren’t planning to sell it separately. It’s probably an incentive for people to actually use it and for game developers to develop for it since everyone getting the XBox One will also have the Kinect unit. Sony did not include the Playstation Move in their console launch and will be charging $50-$100 for it. I’m too lazy to find out the exact price of it, not really interested in getting it anyway.

As part of the E3 special, futureshop had a promotion of pre-ordering 3 or more games and receive $20 dollars off per game, So I Pre-ordered 4 games. Watch Dog, Fifa 2014, Destiny and Star Wars Battlefield. The only one to come out on launch day will be Fifa with the others following shortly, hopefully. Ubisoft already announced they are delaying Watch Dog until March 2014, so I guess I won’t be able to play it until then. Which is probably a good thing, since I wouldn’t be paying for everything all at once.

For now I will only be getting the PS4. and I’ll wait until the XBox One does a price drop before I get that or until Halo 5. Since that’s pretty much the only XBox game I play anyway. Every other game is either also available on the PS4 or available on the PC so getting the XBox One is not really a priority right now.

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