BBM is finally cross platform…

A little late but who cares,

After much hype and much delay in their promise to launch BBM on both Android and iOS, Blackberry has finally successfully launched it a second time without failure. The first time they did it was met with a load of issues supposedly caused by a leaked version of their app on Android. This leak version contained a security flaw that caused issues with their BBM server, so we were told. They then paused the rollout for another couple weeks. Until 3 days ago when they attempted to launch the app once more. This time they set up a queue system so not everyone can bombard the server requesting a BBM pin. Though the first day alone tallied up to 10 million people signing up for a Blackberry ID for BBM which is quite impressive.

What makes BBM differ from all the other cross platform messaging system… For starters BBM has already established a reputation for being the more secure messaging system among Blackberry users, and back when BB was popular, there were a lot of people using it. Their servers have been designed to handle all the messaging traffic people can throw at it. Though like all system, it has gone down though it does not happen all that often.

BBM’s main competitor would probably be Whatsapp, the already established cross platform messaging app that uses the user’s phonebook to create it’s contact list, this makes it easy for people to start using whatsapp since all you’d need to do is install the app and it searches the phonebook and matches with their database to see if the contact also uses whatsapp. However, there has been numerous articles stating whatsapp messenger is not all that secure and since the only way to add people to you contact list is to give them your phone number, not alot of people would be comfortable in giving this to occasional contacts or people who you’d like to chat with every so often but don’t want them to know your phone number.

BBM however uses a pin based system that you use. You don’t really have to memorize this pin as you can see the pin anytime you want. And with the barcode system all you’d need is your camera on your phone to scan the barcode and it automatically adds the pin to your bbm contact. This method allows you to give away your pin more freely without needing to give away your phone number. You can block people easily on BBM since it’s pin based. With phone numbers the user can still contact you via text message or calling you. Unless your phone has the option to block that number. It’s more of a hassle to replace a phone number than it is your BBM pin.

Another benefit on BBM is even if you give away your pin. You have to accept the invite before the other person can start chatting away with you. So if you like posting your pin online and random people add you, you can choose to accept or decline and ignore.

BBM like any messaging client allows you to obviously chat with people, start group chats, send and share files, pictures and video. BBM on Blackberry also offers Video and voice chat capabilities, features that are currently inaccessible in the Android and iOS version but has been promised in future updates. For now it’s just a messaging client thats superior to that of Whatsapp and regular text messages/MMS

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