Motorola Moto X

Yes, it’s a new phone. No I did not just get it… I got it about a month ago. LOL

Don’t ask why I decided to get a new phone, I just did… I decided to go with another droid company, this time it was Motorola. They’ve had pretty decent phones for a while now and they’re now apart of Google. It’s still not quite a full Google Phone experience like you see on the Nexus since it doesn’t come with a complete stock rom. It still has unique features on it specific to Motorola such as their Active Notification which is pretty interesting and functional.

I didn’t buy it directly from Rogers, those bastards refused to sell it to me outright even though they had it in stock. Apparently the phone was too new that they have the ability to refuse selling a phone outright to customers and force them to either sign up for a new contract or renew their existing one. Luckily I had a friend who had it and was planning to return it to Rogers since he wasn’t a fan of it. He offered to sell it to me a little cheaper than he bought it. I sorta felt bad but he was okay with it.

I’ve been using it since and so far I haven’t had any complaints. The phone size is small enough that it’s comfortable to hold it with 1 hand yet still sport a pretty decent size screen of 4.7″. Still bigger than what Apple has to offer. It is true that it is using an older processor? The Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, but the architecture is basically a dual core version of the qualcomm 600 with the Adreno 320 GPU. so it’s current gen technology. It also sports another core for speech recognition which works pretty well for touchless control. All I have to do is recite the phrase “Okay, Google Now” and the voice control pops up even when the phone is in sleep mode.

The screen uses AMOLED display which helps saves power. Perfect combination with the Active Notification. So when I receive a text message the screen would pulse and I’d get to see a brief summary of the message. Since it uses AMOLED technology, the screen only powers the necessary pixel to display the information and not the whole screen which helps reduce power consumption. Also if I nudge it or pick it up, the screen would automatically turn on so I can quickly glance at the time or read the notification and decide if I want to reply or not.

Moto X is powered by Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Google did not want to give Motorola special treatment even though they are under the same Umbrella and release 4.3 on it before the Nexus series got the update. Hopefully Motorola division would be quick to update the phone with 4.3 when it is ready. Motoblur is not on this phone, which is a good thing. I think it was the first thing they got rid of when Google acquired the company. A lot of people did not like motoblur cause it was slow. The experience on the Moto X is close enough to resemble stock rom, minus the features such as Active Notification, Touchless Command.

Battery life is on par with any other high end android phones. Though the specs on the Moto X is not fast enough to compare with those high end droid phones. The Moto X is still considered Motorola’s flagship device as well as a high end smartphone. What they did wasn’t about hardware specs, but more making the software take advantage of the hardware it had. There is no reason why someone would need a octacore processor to experience flawless android experience when Moto X can accomplish this with their dual core S4 Pro processor. Having more power is cool. but for me, not necessary since I don’t really play games on my phone. I have a computer for that. And when I’m on out I’m usually chilling with friends or working anyway. Who has time to play those games. LOL

My conclusion is that this is still a pretty good phone to use. I find it a little better than my previous Galaxy S3 which I’ve currently lent to a friend to try out to see if she wants to switch from iPhone 5 to Android or stick with Apple and get the 5s.

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