Rant of the day: Rogers

So today after work I decided to take my chances to see if I could pick up a Motorola Moto X. It is a new phone that came out just about a week ago. However, based on previous experience on buying newly launched phones I thought I wouldn’t run into any problems picking up one of these bad boys. The previous being a Nokia Lumia 920 on launch day from Rogers and the other is the Blackberry Z10 from Bell on launch day. And by launch day I meant on day 1. The Motorola Moto X has been out for a week now. If it was wildly popular it should still be sold out with limited shipment to the dealers.

I went into the first store today near the office I was working out of, and they told me they have not received any shipment of the phone. That’s fine. I was going home anyway and there are plenty more Rogers stores to try. Second stop was to a Rogers Dealer at Center Point mall. Walked in, saw the display unit, waited a bit and a rep came over asking if I needed help. So I asked if they had the Moto X in stock. They said yes. However, when I asked if I could purchase it outright, the rep said no. I asked why would I not be able to buy it outright. They said only Corporate locations can sell phones outright. I assume he meant newly launched phones. So obviously my next question was, where is the closest Corporate Dealer. He gave me 2 locations close to where I live so I decided to try those out.

Got to one of them on Bathurst and Rutherford. Used to be a pretty big size Rogers video store. now it looks so empty inside with display units of mostly cell phones and tv boxes. There was a line up and who I assumed was the manager getting people’s name down to create a queue so people don’t have to stand there and just wait. She asked what I was looking for and I told her straight up I wanted to buy the Moto X outright. She said it’s possible depending on stock level. Didn’t bother checking, made me wait 10-15 minutes then came up to me and said she will not sell it to me cause she only has one left. She told the rep to see what other options there are for me as she wanted me to renew my contract for the phone. She’d sell me the phone that way cause then she’d make money off me from the renewal. The rep looked into my early upgrade fee and determined that it’s not worth upgrading just yet since I’m only 1 year into my contract. Yes I am aware that I change phones quite often. I asked the manger why she wont sell the phone to me, she said it was company policy to reserve new launch devices to contract only. I do not see it anywhere on their website stating this fact nor has Google turned up any information relating to that. Since Rogers is the only company in Canada selling this phone, I guess they can do whatever they want with it and get away with it. That or the phone really isn’t that popular. lol either way I was unable to get the phone because of that stupid reason.

I called *611 and speak to their sales rep and confirm this policy they told me in store. The guy on the phone told me that it was up to the manager to decide whether or not they want to sell it. So this policy is not really enforced or does not exist. Obviously the manager didn’t care for customer relations and only wanted to get new people to buy it. She did not even acknowledge me after I finished talking with the rep to follow up like she said she would. The rep on the phone gave me the option to order it and have it shipped but I’d rather get it in person today and start using it. He said he can’t reserve a unit in store and expect them to just sell it to me.

I decided to try another location. The same location a known buddy of mine got his on launch day. They gave me the same speech that I can’t buy it outright just yet and that I have to wait. She didn’t specify how long I have to wait for just that I can’t buy it just yet. Luckily for the last location I called from home and didn’t really waste any time. But the locations that I did go to were some what of a waste.

I know it’s fully possibly to get the phone outright on launch. I’m sure there has to be some rule that benefits the consumer side if they don’t want to agree to a commitment and sign a contract to get the phone. It’s not like I was demanding to get the phone at the subsidized price anyway. I was fully expected to pay 550 + tax for the phone but they did not even give me that option.

I know for Bell they would sell me phones on launch day even at outright. I asked the Bell rep if that was possible and he said it is as long as I’m willing to spend the money on it. So why would Rogers not do that. This kind of situation reminds me why I dislike Rogers. Their in store customer service is shitty. It felt like they didn’t want me to do business with them. I don’t care if they don’t make money off me. Eventually I’ll go there to renew and get a new phone once I can upgrade. Just that it was not today. Now that I know they treat outright buyers like shit I don’t think I’ll ever use Rogers again. In fact what’s most likely going to happen is me waiting up the 2 years I have left on Rogers and switching that to Bell and leave Rogers forever. Taking the internet, tv and home phone service. The convince my parents to do the same thing.

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