End of August Updates

Haven’t made a blog post in a while. Decided to make one with everything I did in August.

First of all, the Ubuntu Edge campaign did not succeed like it should have. They only raised 12 Million out of the 32 they wanted. Which is still a pretty huge accomplishment, making it the highest ever crowd sourcing campaign online. The phone was suppose to be the next best phone that combines the power of a desktop into a small smartphone sized device. It also acts as a phone and can make calls and send text messages too. The design of the phone looks very similar to what a Surface Phone from Microsoft could have looked like if they decided to make one. Regardless of that, Indiegogo, the website hosting the campaign has refunded the money I “donated” to fund the campaign. Since it was a fixed funding, if they did not make the target, we’d get a full refund. Only when it’s set to flexible campaign where the company would keep what they earned.

Since I got my money back and I was sorta looking at a new phone anyway. I’ve been looking at getting either the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active or the new Motorola Moto X. Both high end phones from their respected companies. I’m leaning towards the Moto X right now since the S4 Active is not available in Canada. Thanks Rogers, I guess.. LOL If I were to get it online, it would cost around 800. The Moto X on the other hand retails for 550 + tax. The Specs aren’t as great as the S4 but the performance and usability is suppose to be on par if not better. The battery life is suppose to be very well. They use a 720p display over a 1080p display like every high end Android device, but they claim that it’s not noticeable unless you compare them side by side. Might pick one up after work today. Who knows… I tried to get it the other day at a Best Buy, but they refused to sell me a phone out right. Go Figure… A retail store refusing to make a sale. HAHA I was even going to get their PSP which they would make money off of, but sadly that did not happen.

I went to Fan Expo on Saturday the 24th. Tickets went up to 55 dollars for the Saturday only pass and line up was really long. We somehow managed to skip half the line and made our way into the convention saving hours of waiting in line. But when we got in, we were disappointed. There weren’t that many people in costumes and even fewer that were good. But kudos to them for dressing up for the occasion. Some took more guts than others. Such as a girl dressing up as a costume with just a jacket to cover her top leaving half exposed. or others dressing so little you can see her ass etc. It was a warm day which helped out and it was hotter inside the convention. Fan Expo is hosted in Downtown Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. After the convention we went to grab dinner at 3 Brewers outside of the Eaton Center and then to a house party.

Celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday yesterday nigh at a Chinese restaurant. Lots of people, I think we had half the place to ourselves. Stayed way passed their usually closing time. But since we apparently go there so often they don’t mind. That or they got a big tip anyway so they’d happy to stay as long as its required to make us happy. Food was okay though.

Finally, my basement renovations are about to commence. Right now in the process of cleaning out the basement and moving most if not all the stuff up stairs temporarily. They are estimating the project to take at least a month or 2. We don’t know how many people are going to be working on this project or how often they are coming to work on it. But we’re technically in no rush for it to finish. I personally want it done ASAP so I can live in the basement again in my new and bigger room. This time all the wiring will change to CAT6 or CAT6e for Gigabit or prepare for 10GbE

I’ll post on my Facebook daily updates on the progress whenever I am not feeling lazy.

My wow progress has also been going well. Starting playing WOW again last month with a new character. Leveled a Hunter from Level 1 to 90 in under 7 days. Then started working on the profession. Skinning and Leatherworking. Both are now maxed out. I started raiding on both my Hunter and Paladin. Both are doing Throne of Thunder on a weekly basis for gear. Both unfortunately are DPS spec, however I am starting to work on a Tank spec for my Pally. I’ll get iLvl 476 and 483 prot gear while continuing to get iLvl 502 and up for my ret spec until i’m fully decked out. Patch 5.4 is coming in 2 weeks and the raid of orgrimmar is upon us. I am hoping at least one of my character will be able to run it just so I can experience the raid itself instead of just watching videos.

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