Ubuntu Edge Campaign

So Canonical started a new campaign on the 21st to see how much money it can raise for their new device they are going to make called the Ubuntu Edge. Unlike the other smartphones in the market, they are not planning to compete against them. Instead, they are doing this in a one time limited production run to see how much of a demand for a high end smartphone with all the advancements and features people dream of having.

Canonical is know for their highly popular Ubuntu Operating Systems for PCs. Their OS using their Unity interface is designed to scale from small screen to large screens. Their goal for Ubuntu Edge is to offer a high end phone without it being tied to anyone carrier and it would be able to utilize 4G LTE speeds regardless of where you go. They are also promoting their new feature called “Convergence”. It will truly be the first time someone has integrated the power of a desktop into a mobile phone. The Ubuntu Edge has both Ubuntu Touch and Android build in. Since they are both Linux based operating systems running on the same kernel they can have both installed without using too much additional storage. For the desktop function to work, all you need to do is pair a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and connect a monitor to the phone via HDMI and you’ll get the full Ubuntu Desktop experience while still being able to use your phone at the same time.

Back to the Ubuntu Edge. The final specs have not been confirmed and will be finalized if the campaign is a success. But for now we only know that the it will be a 4.5″ screen protected by Pure Sapphire Crystal, which is much harder to scratch compared to Glass. It’s the second hardest naturally occurring material under Diamond. So no you will not be able to put this in your pocket if you carry diamonds with you. They have images of it posted on their campaign website which a lot of people have commented on how similar looking it is compared to Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

Canonical says it will run on the latest multi core processor when they finalize the design, using at lease 4GB of memory and 128GB storage. To date, there are no smartphones or tablets that even comes close to those 2 specs in terms of storage and RAM access. This I believe is necessary to get the full experience of Ubuntu Desktop when connected to a monitor. This will also be the first phone to feature greater than 64GB Flash memory built into the phone. Hopefully the phone comes with MicroSD for additional storage but that does not really matter at this point. I hope they have a dock that adds more accessory capability such as full USB 2.0/3.0 support when docked in desktop mode.

Currently they are asking for a 32 million dollar campaign and thus far they have gathered close to 5 million on the first 2 days of campaign. They have already broken the record on indiegogo for highest earned. I am very much looking forward to this and hope that it will be successful.

I already made my pledge on the first day at 600 dollars + 30 for shipping..

for more information.

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