New Car!

I actually got my new car 3 weeks ago, only decided to blog about it now.

It all started out with finding out how much work would be required for maintenance on the Mitsubishi Outlander, which needed its 100,000KM maintenance. Changing the timing belt, transmission fluid and a bunch of other stuff. It also needed new tires. Been using the same set of all-seasons for almost 7 years as well as it was time to replace the brake pads on the car. I decided instead to get a new car for myself. The outlander was and still belongs to my dad. I just drove it on a daily basis for work while he drives his Dodge Sprinter Passenger van.

I checked out a few vehicles before deciding to get the one I’m driving now. Originally my dad had said I could use the Outlander as a trade in to finance a new car for myself. The only condition would be if it got a good enough offer to be worth the trade in. He wanted somewhere along the lines of 8000-9000. Most dealers would only give him 5000-6000 for the car. Trading in was no longer an option at that point as my dad did not want to ditch the car for that cost.

The Outlander actually served me very well. Beyond the usual oil change, brake pads and the usual maintenance, it didn’t really require anything else. Everything worked perfectly fine for the 7 years that I’ve been driving. The only issue I had with it was using it for work. Since I drive from site to site. It would suck up gas like water. I’d have to fill the tank like twice a week. It would cost me approximately $120 a week to fill up. That equates to around 480 a month for gas alone. Luckily the Car was already paid off, so all I paid was gas and insurance.

I still kind of wanted to get a new car at this point now that I’m earning enough money. I thought it was time to finally get a car I can all my own. Though I can’t really call it yet since I’m just leasing it right now. LOL. The car I went with is the Lexus CT200h. The cheapest Lexus car they have and it’s also a Hybrid, therefore it is great on gas. I opt for the white F-Sport over the Blue, since I think the White looks nicer with the Dark Grey Rims on the car

Prior to going for the Lexus I test drove only 2 other cars. The Nissan Juke and the Hyundai Elantra GT. The Juke drove smoothly, but the pick up was rather slow. They only let me test drive the SV model available for test drive. The SL was the model with the Sports mode standard. I’m sure with that you can have better pick up. Since I wasn’t able to test drive that model, I will never know.

The second car I test drove was the Elantra GT from Hyundai. For some reason the sales person only focused on the safety features of the car. LOL. Oh well. Again they only let me test drive the GL model but I was asking about the SE model. The test drive was decent I guess. Though they didn’t let me go on the highway to test it properly I only drive one block before going back to the dealership. The car had like no gas. So I couldn’t even take it elsewhere if I wanted to. LOL. The Elantra GT would have been my option to finance, it was cheaper and decent enough. But the sales person didn’t really convince me to buy it. Maybe she didn’t think I was a serious buyer. We were also in a hurry that day we went to go test drive as she wasted 30 minutes of our time being MIA. We tried to get her to give us her pricing detail so I can think it over, but she insisted on rescheduling to another day and refused to give us a price.

Then went to Lexus that Saturday. Which apparently for that day was only opened for appointment only. I was about to leave that day and would not have gotten the car, but they decided to get a sales person to help me in the last second. So we discussed about the car. Arranged for a test drive. They had the Tech Package line on demo so I took that car for a test drive. It had the navigation package in the car that I got to play with. It was nice and all but not worth the price increase for what I’d use it for. I already have a GPS on my phone. I’ll admit I might have been biased towards the CT200h from the beginning as that was the car I really wanted to get.

On Eco Mode and Normal mode, the pick up is what you would expect from a hybrid. Slow. You waste the same amount of gas as it’s equivalent size and power car if you step on the gas too much. but having it run on EV mode will save gas once you get the car in cruise speeds. Or you can slowly accelerate slowing down traffic if you want. LOL. either way the drive on the car is very smooth and quiet. In fact the first couple of times I turned the engine on I’d forget it was a hybrid and thought the car was not on until I remembered that only the battery turns on until it needs to use the engine to accelerate. LOL

The F-Sport comes with everything from the Premium model but with the F Sport body and rims. It comes with a rear view mirror located on the rear view mirror which is a pretty near idea for backing up. 10 speaker sound system for great music heated side and rear view mirror. Great for winter time. Though I”ll have to find out when winter time comes. LOL

Thus far I am really liking the car. I can drive the car slowly to save gas or I can put it on sports mode for that quick acceleration, great for when I go onto the highway and need that quick acceleration. I’ll post pictures up when I decide to take them. lol

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