MIME Ghost Glass for Blackberry Z10

I’ve been reading a lot about these glass based screen protector for phones to help better protect the screen instead of using flimsy plastic based ones. Since they are made of hardened glass it supposedly offers better protection from scratches while keeping the clarity of the display. They are however more expensive than traditional screen protectors due to it’s materials used obviously. Tempered glass instead of flimsy screen protectors. You can see various videos of it showing it’s strength by holding the weight of the phone it’s suppose to protect.

I found an online store that makes the protector for the Z10 and decided to give it a shot. . I’ve come across some reviews about it and thus far they were all positive. I ordered it last week and finally received it today.

Removed my previous screen protector and installed it on my Z10. So far it looks fantastic. It is thicker than your average screen protector but nothing that impacts the usability of the phone or affect it’s fit in the holster.

Since I just got it I will return in a few days to report how it is after I use it on a normal basis.

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