Finally upgraded to Windows 8

I have finally decided it’s time to upgrade my main machine to Windows 8. I picked up an upgrade license key way back in October when they were selling it for 40 dollars. And I thought, might as well buy it in case I upgrade. It was during the time Microsoft was doing the promotion. The promotion is over and the regular price for Windows 8 Pro is $149.99

I have been using Windows 8 on my Surface Pro since that’s the only option it comes with. And I’ve played with the release preview when it came out for the public under a Virtual Environment. So I’m familiar with the Start Screen. Though I have Start8 to bring back the start button back on the desktop and it also boots to the desktop. Windows 8.1 was just announced to bring both those back, looks like they heard the cry of the majority of the users who didn’t like the decision to remove that button. LOL

The download went smoothly, backed up all my files in the C drive to an external drive and made sure everything is compatible. Used the Windows 8 upgrade tool to create a bootable USB disk to install. My system does not have an optical drive. Never had… That went smoothly. The installation was pretty quick. Windows 8 was installed in under 20-30 minutes and everything was good to go J. The hardest part now was to reinstall all my applications and settings.

First thing I did right after I got into Windows 8 was to install Chrome, followed by Start8 and then Display Fusion. To bring back the better browser, the start button and my trusted wallpaper changer for multiple monitor configuration. The default one does offer random wallpaper, but it does not allow individual wallpaper. They’d all have to be the same which I don’t want. Getting the applications back took the longest time as well as performing the necessary Windows update to make sure everything is fine. For security, I went with Kaspersky Pure 3.0 as I still have an active subscription with them. I’ve trusted them for many years and it has not let me down yet. I still consider it one of the better options compared to McAfee and Norton.

The reason why I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 8 was due to the fact my Windows 7 installation was starting to deteriorate. Explorer.exe would randomly crash and I couldn’t find the cause. I’ve had the same installation running for about 2-3 years now, so it was long overdue to start fresh. I had Windows 8 key unused so I said might as well upgrade to Windows 8. I’ve gotten pretty used to it on my Surface Pro anyway. I still only use the Desktop mode on Windows 8 so it’s not like anything changed drastically.

Besides the minor hiccup with the first restart after installing Windows update, it’s been working decently though it’s still too early to tell. I still don’t quite understand how the initial restart issue happened. After I finished installing Windows updates and restarted, the computer would restart to a blank screen with just a blinking cursor. Even after a forced restart it would still do that. I plugged in the Windows 8 install USB again and booted it into repair mode which all I did was went “exit and continue loading windows 8” that worked. And ever since I haven’t had the issue going back into Windows 8. Weird…

I have all my applications installed again, but none of the games. LOL. Steam is backed up completely on an external hard drive, so restoring that is not an issue. I have Steam and Origin clients reinstalled. It’s just a matter of re-downloading the games. Since I have unlimited bandwidth now, I no longer need to worry about wasting bandwidth or having to pay extra for going over bandwidth ^_^. I’ll most likely just download them again when I feel like playing it.

This time I’ve created an image, using Acronis True Image, of my C drive in case I need to do another refresh I can just load up that image and be done with it. All the applications are installed in that back up so it would only be a matter of restoring that image and I should be good to go. Never used an image back up before so I don’t know if it works until I have to find out. If anything I’ll just go through the hassle of reinstalling everything again. Only took about 4-5 hours to do. LOL It’s not like I had anything special planned for today anyway. Think of it as a late spring cleaning even though we’re in Summer time now. HAHA

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