iPhone 5 has bad reception….

I picked up a used iPhone 5 off Kijiji. It’s in perfect working condition with tiny bit of scuff marks on the bottom of the phone. Otherwise no big deal. The reception works fine outside. It has to, otherwise this phone would be classified as a failure. LOL In most area it gets LTE connection. However, inside is the main issue and it’s where the phone doesn’t perform well compared to other top end smartphones released around the same time. Most smartphones when they lose LTE connection will lower itself to HSPA connection which uses a different frequency, if it can’t establish a reliable HSPA connection will try 3G, then EDGE before giving you the no service error. All those radios operate on a different frequency and provide different speeds.

LTE being fastest and EDGE being slowest. Bell’s recent change away from CDMA frequencies left them at a disadvantage to Rogers. They do not have an EDGE network to fall back on. Luckily in this day in age HSPA has been deployed to majority of the populated areas in Canada and has no real issue anywhere, unless you’re underground surrounded by concrete. So this disadvantage is not really relevant anymore. My iPhone 5 uses the Rogers network while my Blackberry uses the Bell network. Both are capable of LTE connection. But surprising only one of them is capable of HSPA/HSPA+ network. And that’s the Blackberry Z10. The iPhone doesn’t have HSPA radio installed in it and defaults to 3G connections. And places like underground doesn’t really get good data speeds.

At the moment, I am working at a client’s IT location where it’s in the basement. I use my cell phone to tether to my Surface Pro so I’d have internet connection and still be able to surf the net when I’m waiting for machines to do its job. I can’t get a reliable hotspot set up on the iPhone because it’s running on 3G and even then the internet speed is non-existent. The Z10 works on HSPA+ speeds but I still need to find a sweet spot for my phone for it to work. Once I do find it I can connect and surf the net at decent speeds. I just don’t stream any videos.

Even then, I don’t really mind as I am underground, what pisses me off is that when I’m at Union station, my iPhone 5 can’t make a decent call or receive calls because it reverts to 1 bar on EDGE or sometimes even displays no service. I take out the Z10 it’s full bar HSPA speeds and I can surf the net on it. I can even make calls and get a crystal clear sound quality out of it.

In conclusion, iPhone 5 sucks when it comes to getting good reliable reception. Maybe it’s just my phone, but I have not seen a 4G symbol or H+ symbol on my iPhone 5 since I started using it. It’s either LTE>3G>EDGE>No Service. Bell does from either 4GLTE>HSPA+>No Service, but I’ve only seen No Service on Bell when I’m taking the Subway.

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