Movie Madness May

Well….not really a madness. LOL just that there was quite a lot of movies out this month that are worth watching. First there was the new Iron Man movie, then the new Star Trek movie and the upcoming Fast & Furious 6.

Watched Iron Man 3 on the first day it came out. I didn’t attend the midnight launch, but I watched it the night of the release. I really enjoyed the movie. I especially like the scene where all the suits came to save the day. It was a shame that he had to destroy all of it at the end of the movie. Such a waste of technology. Not that he can’t make new ones in the future. He also finally decided to remove the shrapnel that has been threatening his life thus he no longer needs the chest piece in his chest. I don’t really read the comics, so I can’t really compare it with the comics.

Star Trek Into the Darkness was another movie in May which I went to watch just tonight. I enjoyed it very much but the story line was sorta of predictable. Like why would J.J. Abrams kill off one of the main characters from the original crew of the series. Also I never would have imagined a starship is able to survive the pressures of being under all that water. I guess with shields up it can. But in the movie the shield was not even up yet the ship did not implode.

The next movie would e Fast & Furious 6 which isn’t out for another week. From the trailers it would look good and all, but the franchise seems to have evolve from just street racing to a full story driven movie involving a tank? A tank race would be pretty cool. Like twisted metal style lol.

These aren’t reviews yet. just felt like making this post before I go sleep.

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