Google Maps vs Nokia Maps

I’ve been using the Turn by Turn feature from Google Navigation since I started my job and it has worked properly most of the time. Occasionally it would tell me I am at my destination when I’m still driving on the highway. But the rerouting feature works pretty well. I can also filter out the highways and/or toll routes so the GPS won’t pester me to go on the highway. It comes in handy during rush hour since the highways are usually packed. A neat feature I would like to see Google implement would be to announce the street names as well. Instead of just “Turn right” “Turn Left”

Using Nokia Maps however proved a little more frustrating than it should have been. I found it slow when it needed to reroute. It also doesn’t detect whether I am still on the road or now. It doesn’t work well when I’m trying to leave the parking lot. Since it thinks I’m on the road it will start dictating where to turn. So when I actually get out of the parking lot, I end up turning the wrong direction. Google Maps is able to detect your exact location on the map, even if you aren’t on the road. It also shows your exact position and where your phone is facing.

Nokia maps does feature a speed limit detector, but only for the highway. It will show the posted speed limit and annoy you with beeps when you exceed it. Which I had to turn off that feature since I am not going to go 100 when everyone else around me is going 120. LOL That would be considered unsafe regardless of the fact it’s over the limit. When it came to rerouting, It took a long time for it to find a new route. I sometimes had to drive slower just for Nokia Maps to find a new route. I guess I shouldn’t complain since the program in question is still in BETA. Unless they optimize the speed I would not recommend using it.

I also couldn’t find the setting to avoid highways or toll routes. Then again I didn’t really spend a whole lot of time looking for it since I was on the road.

Another useful feature of Google Maps is, since you can create your own maps you can add your points of interest which makes it much easier to head to your next destination. Since my job requires me to visit multiple sites in a day, this feature is very useful because I can enter all the information on Google Maps on my computer and it will be there on my phones application. I don’t know if Nokia Maps has anything similar.

Overall if I were to recommend Google Maps or Nokia Maps, I would have to stick with Google Maps. Nokia Maps, or HERE Drive+ (for the Turn by Turn navigation) still needs alot of work.

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  1. You wrote ” I don’t know if Nokia Maps has anything similar.” if you don’t know why the hell are you moaning here? Nokia map is great.

    1. I made this post over half a year ago back when Nokia maps was still in beta. I’m sure it has improved significantly since coming out of beta. But I’m only stating my experience using it on my own blog. I’m sure it’s a great mapping tool but I still prefer google maps over Nokia maps. Call me biased. But this is after all my blog… :).

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