Surface down….

I was planning on finishing my review on the Surface Pro when the unexpected happen. Windows locked up and I was forced to do a hard reset. Unfortunately Surface Pro failed to boot back into Windows and I was left with a bricked machine. The system powered on, but I could only get the to secure boot menu and it would not go further. Upon further investigation, it was suggested that the SSD might have been defective and that the only way to resolve the issue was to bring it back to place of purchase or the Microsoft store for an exchange with a new Unit. So I went to Futureshop, where I got it from (I was asked why I did not go to the Microsoft store at Yorkdale. My answer is that the Futureshop location was on my way home and that Yorkdale was too far.). Anyway, Futureshop technicians looked at it and was treated to the same problem I had (obviously, otherwise I would not have needed to make a trip to the store.) The Customer Service Supervisor approved the exchange. While I was doing the exchange I noticed they just received a shipment of the 128GB version of the Surface Pro. So I asked if I could instead of doing a direct exchange for another 64GB version, to upgrade to the 128GB model instead. They said yes of course and that I’d just have to pay the difference. So I did. Now I am using the 128GB model with tons of storage to spare.

I will wait another week or so to see how this goes and release a review on my findings with this new unit. Getting every set up again is a pain in the ass.

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