Trying to legitimately download a TV Show

So I decides to legitimately download a TV Show that I cannot seem to be able to stream for free. I used iTunes, which I’m not starting to regret. Installed iTunes on my desktop, I know… An Apple product on a Windows machine. LOL signed in to the iTunes store to selected the TV Show. Clicked on buy now, was prompt to enter the password again. That seems fine, just to validate the user. Then got asked to enter the security number to check again if it really is. So I complied. Afterwards, it asked me to sign in again… WTF? Signing in a third time to buy and download 1 TV show? isn’t that a little excessive? But whatever.

Bought it. waited a couple minutes for the order to process.. Then an error messages pops up. “Insufficient privileges to download file to directory”. So I had to find the download window and press resume download because it stopped the download and it starts. Then another window pops up saying the show is still downloading but it is ready for playback.. Sounds cool, guess I start watching it now instead of waiting for it to finish download.

So I press play.. It goes to the video mode in iTunes. A minute goes by and all I see is blank screen. 2 mins. This doesn’t look right. I paid 3.49 on iTunes for a TV Show, received the email from Apple saying I bought a TV show recently and authorized the computer for playback. And I get a blank screen. This doesn’t sound right at all. Trying to watch this legitimately and it won’t let me. Should I take this as a sign? lol

If I download the show on say BitTorrent, it’s illegal, I know. It downloads and I am able to play it on VLC with no issues. But I download it on iTunes, paid for it. and it doesn’t play properly.. I’m guessing iTunes store is some sort of scam to dump money into something with nothing in return? Going to actually wait for the show to finish downloading before making my final judgement. If it plays then I’ll forgive it. It not then I guess I won’t be using iTunes store ever again. Since if it didn’t work for me the first time and I lose money then there’s no point in throwing money down the well…

Update: Seem like I had to restart the computer just for iTunes to work properly. After I restarted the video was able to play. But Now I’m getting this weird error where iTunes will reopen itself even after I close it. Any ideas? lol

Update 2: After doing a quick search it turns out the Logitech Gaming Software is the culprit here. LCore.exe triggered iTunes to reopen after I shut it down. Terminating LCore.exe then renaming the file to something else before restarting the program seems to have resolved the issue. Credit goes to a thread on the Apple Support Forums.

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