Ativ s day 1

Its been a day since I got the ativ s from work and so far it has been a bumpy ride. The first problem I encounter is the phone seems to be randomly rebooting. It was a known issue with the HTC and Nokia when they first came out. But the problem has since been fixed by Microsoft. Samsung is using a newer firmware so I’m hoping it included the fix for it already.

The phone restarted on me about 6 times. Until I noticed I forgot to pull the protective sticker on the camera lens. Apparently there was a small piece of plastic that was underneath the lens piece connected to the camera. I pulled that out and it seemed to have resolved the random crashing. At least I am hoping.

Not long after that I started noticing that the phone would somehow lose connection to the bell network. The signal showed it was full strength whether it was on lte or 4g. I don’t have WiFi enabled at the moment. As I have enough data to not worry about reaching the cap on my current usage. But this even affected my ability to make or receive text messages and phone calls.

The only way to resolve it was to restart the phone. This issue happened about 3 times in the span of 3 hours. And it for frustrating the last time, instead of turning off the phone the proper way, I decided to just do a battery pull. Since at this point I was ready to bring it back to Microsoft for an exchange as it would he considered defective. So far since the battery pull the problem hasn’t occurred. Maybe it knows its late and will continue to annoy me tomorrow. Lol if it does I’ll just bring it back to Microsoft for an exchange for another unit and hope it was just a localized issue with the unit.

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