New Years Resolution?

So it’s not exactly New Years, but it is is only 5 days away. I should start thinking up some New Years resolution to try and accomplish this year. Perhaps I should finally try to look for a significant other? HAHA Get out of retail and do something more along my field of study? Get an Ultrabook, thats for sure. If I can get a better paying job, perhaps I can save up for a new car, save up to move out to live on my own?

Start saving up so I actually have money in my account with no debt to worry about. Try and cut my expenses so I can have money to save up. LOL.

Looks like 2013 will be all about saving money and try to spend less on things I don’t really need. It’s going to be difficult, hopefully I can actually follow it this year. Oh, one important thing would be to start working out again and stay fit. LOL

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