WTF is wrong with Netflix?

The service itself is great. There is a wide selection of video to choose from. It’s awesome when it works. And it sucks when it doesn’t work.

And by it not working I mean it not working on pretty much all my devices.. Playing it through the browser is a hit and miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just sits at 7% buffering and it doesn’t go any further and other times it just crashes the browser as it uses Silverlight to play the video. And when Silverlight crashes it somehow crashes the entire program. I have to either restart the browser a couple times or refresh the page a couple times before the video I want to play actually starts playing.

I also have the Boxee Box which apparently will not let me connect to Netflix no matter how many times I try. And I know it’s connected to the internet as I can browse my network drives from it and stream from it. It just will not let me access Netflix from it. And it doesn’t really help when the link it tells me to go to for help links me to a dead page. So using Boxee Box for Netflix support is a bust. Apparently it’s a known issue according to the results I’m seeing on various forums on google search. But Netflix support say its a Boxee issue and Boxee forums claim it’s a Netflix issue.

Netflix on PS3 is no less easy either. Since I don’t use my PS3 a whole lot I don’t keep it a habit to constantly make sure the PS3 is up to date in firmware. Apparently it is now required to log into to your PSN account to be able to login to your Netflix account. And in order to log in to your PSN account you have to have an up to date firmware running. So that requires me wasting time to update the PS3 just to use login to Netflix to watch a movie. All that time wasted just to watch a show.

I’m not even going to bother with Netflix on the XBOX360 as it requires you to pay for xbox live gold just to access online content that you pay for i.e Netflix. Which ain’t going to happen.

Netflix does however work on my cellphone. but why would I want to watch a movie on a 4.8″ of a Samsung Galaxy S3 when I can watch it on a bigger screen.

From where I see things. It seems like it’s more reliable to watch shows illegally than it is from legit sources. Until someone can show me where I can legally watch new shows without having to jump through hoops or perform various task before hand please let me know. I’m sitting here waiting for my PS3 to update before I can find out if Netflix will work on my PS3. Sigh….

P.S Merry Christmas to everyone. LOL

Update…. Netflix on PS3 doesn’t work either. I guess everyone is at home trying to watch Netflix on Christmas Eve.

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