Nokia Lumia 920: A short review

Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the first smartphones released feature the new Windows Phone 8 operating system. WP8, unlike it’s predecessor runs on the Windows NT kernel as opposed to the CE based architecture from WP7 and lower. This move to the NT architecture allows developers to easily adapt their Windows 8 application to support Windows Phone 8 without having to completely rewrite their program for a different platform.

A quick rundown on the specs for the Lumia 920: Dual core 1.5Ghz snapdragon processor from Qualcomm with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It’s cameras are powered by a 8.7MP sensor for the rear camera and 1.3MP for the front. Supporting 1080p in the back and 720p in the front. It’s also the only camera phone on the market for now with optical image stabilization, something Nokia has put alot of emphasis on in their marketing campaigns.

The phone itself feels very sturdy, though one of the heaviest smartphone I have ever used, I do not mind the weight as it makes the unit feel more durable. Not to mention that it uses Gorilla Glass 2 for the 4.5″ IPS screen.

It’s a pentaband phone, meaning once you get it unlocked from Rogers, you can use it on any carrier in Canada. Including Wind and Mobilicity support which is very impressive. You don’t see many, if any, that has this level of carrier support.

I have been using this phone pretty intensively for the past week or so since the phone officially launched and I must say I am very impressed with it so far. The only major problem I have with it would be the battery life. Although I have the same issue with most touchscreen based smartphone. The only phone that lasted be all day would probably be the Blackberries.

Battery life aside, the phone feels great to handle and very comfortable to use. I have gotten used to the bigger screen devices coming from the Samsung Galaxy S3 which I still use on occasion.

Unfortunately, Rogers only brought in the Black color to Canada and left out the other colors. I was hoping to either get the Yellow or White. but the Black Color is matte finish where as the colored ones are glossy finished. Maybe it was a good thing that I ended up with the Black. Looks more professional I suppose.

As for the operating system. I’ve used a windows phone before, when HTC launched their HTC touch phone running Windows CE 6.5 Professional. Back then I didn’t have a data plan since it was way too expensive. The experience was not optimal, but still a pretty great phone to use for the time being. The only thing I used it for back then was only for texting and calling so I didn’t use it to it’s full potential. Then I switched to iPhone 3G when it launched in 2007.

Since then I’ve been using Blackberries and Androids till Windows released WP8. I skipped WP7 as I didn’t feel the experience was there also a buddy had gotten the phone and was always complaining how slow and unresponsive it was. I was a little turned off.

When I watched the keynote speeches about WP8 and positive feedback from them I decided it was time to reconsider the WP platform. Since Blackberry is slowly dying at the moment. I still have high hopes for BB10 to be a hit. But Until then my BB9900 needed to be replaced. LOL

For a camera phone it is considered the best in the market, much better than the iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Processor wise it is a little outdated with quad core arms on the market but nonetheless the performance on the WP8 with it’s current configuration is pretty smooth so hardware is not the biggest concern. It does what I need it to do.

The only thing I don’t understand is since WP8 emphasized on the feature they called Data Sense that Rogers would choose to prevent their users from experience the application. I guess Rogers doesn’t want people to be aware of their data usage and control it so that they can overcharge their customers with over charge fees.. That’s just my theory on it. LOL Luckily I was able to get my phone unlocked from Rogers and happily using it on another Carrier. Another thing I havent been able to get working is the Internet Share feature. For some reason it doesn’t allow me to create a wireless hotspot. Saying could not enable. I am hoping it’s just a bug that will be fixed in time.

App support it has most of the essential applications that I use even wechat apparently already made it’s way to windows phone. LOL. but in time it will grow. I am just waiting to get my hands on the wireless charging pad to try out the wireless charging of the phone. LOL. That is one of the major reasons why I went with the Lumia 920 over the HTC 8x.

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