Good buy Blackberry…

I have decided to get rid of my blackberry in favor for a Windows Phone. Though I have yet to make the actual purchase of the device due to the fact that it hasn’t been released in the market yet. I will be making that switch finally go to away from the dying BlackBerry.

More and more people are going away from it because of the outdated platform. I’m still following on the latest news regarding the BlackBerry 10 devices that are coming out on q1 2013 and have high hopes that the company does not go under. More competition in the market is a good thing since there are only really 4 major competitors. RIM, Android, Android and Apple. Symbian is pretty much dead, same goes with webOS. Bada and Meego never really took off to begin with.

I am still debating between the two high end Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s either the HTC 8x or the Nokia Lumina 920. Both are their respective brand’s flagship Windows phone with amazing features. The Htc does have the better screen while the Nokia has the wireless charging unit that is also very cool. Both will be pretty expensive devices so I shall be selling my blackberry to help cover some of the cost of the device. I will still have to shell out a little extra for it but I’m hoping the decision would be worth it. That and it will allow me to use the phone on the floor as well as practice with the windows phone 8 operating system so I’d be able to help potential customers who are considering getting a windows phone. Can’t rally sell a product if you don’t now how to use it yourself, now can you?

Both phones won’t be out until next week and I am starting to get impatient with waiting. Lol. Looks like I don’t have much of a choice unless I want to get the old phone Lumina 900 which at this point is useless since it’s going to be outdated by next week. Lol

Everyone has left blackberry and either went Android or iPhone. I already have an Android and I don’t really like the ios unit. Sure it does have great apps and a lot to choose from. Just don’t want to be like everyone else carrying an iPhone around town. Lol

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