Teksavvy… Coming soon to my house.

Never thought the day would come when I must decide the fate of my internet service. Whether it stay in the hands of the internet oppressing Rogers or switch over to the joys of unlimited bandwidth from Teksavvy. Sure I will be taking a small speed decrease, but in return I will be gifted with downloading as much as possible. Obviously within the legal limit. Right?

Why the change now you might ask, well the answer is simple. Roger’s recently changed their overcharge policy and increasing the limit from 50 dollars to 100 dollars. That means if you went over your bandwidth, Rogers can and will charge your account up to 100 dollars depending on how much you go over. The overcharge per GB depends on which tier service you get. The less you pay the more they charge you per GB once you hit your unreasonably low limit.

Teksavvy on the other hand, leases their line from Rogers (The cable service) offers 2 services. 300GB plans and unlimited. their most expensive ones is only 41.99 for 300GB and 61.99 for umlimited bandwidth. Speeds are 28mbps download 1mbps upload In contrast to Roger’s service which I am paying for right now is 32mbps down and 1mbps upload. Costing me 71.99 before the bundle discount. HOWEVER, my monthly limit is 150GBs per month. and I’ve been reaching this limit pretty frequently. Sometimes I go over the limit so much that it hits the 50 dollar cap. I fear with the cap reached to 100 dollars I’ll be paying close to double my current price for internet.

So in order to prevent that from happening, the only logical course is to find a new provider. Teksavvy has been out for a while now and is available in my area. I know a few people who use their service and so far I haven’t heard much complaint from them regarding their service. I have decided to do the switch because I don’t want to pay over charge.

🙂 Going to be calling when during their office hours and then give Teksavvy a call letting them know I wish to do service with them. Might be without internet for a day or two…. oh wait. I have smartphones with tethering capabilities. HAHA :p

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