Why is job finding so hard?

I must be doing something wrong here… That’s the first thing that always comes to mind when I apply for jobs and don’t hear from them. Or, I get an interview and get told that I’d hear back within 2 to 3 days whether or not they would like to proceed with me but never hear from them again. I don’t know it its appropriate to email them asking for an update, I think it makes me look too desperate for the job making me a less likely candidate. Then again people say you should because it might increase your chances. I don’t know what to do!
It’s not like I don’t have any work experience or anything, and I do think I’m a hard worker that likes to see things accomplished properly and in a timely fashion. But how can you prove yourself if they don’t even give you a chance.
I know for a fact that I get nervous during interviews. Going for an interview is like taking a test. Doesn’t matter how much or how long you prepare, once you step in that door, my mind goes blank. I practice any potential questions and figure out what to say and what to ask, but when the time comes I always end up checking and mess up my chances of getting an offer.
I’m not asking for much here, just an entry level position within a company that I can utilize or enhance my interpersonal and IT skills further.
The other thing I don’t understand is the meaning of entry level positions some companies post as a position available. Why on earth do you require someone who has experience as an entry level? I was taught in school that entry level position was for people who just graduated from post-secondary, people who possess no professional experience in that field of expertise. Yet they want you to have say 5 years of experience maintaining a medium to large number of computers or know xxx programming language like you can speak it fluently.
I’m willing to try and do sales position but do not get the offer because I am not really a people person, but I am trying hard to develop my interpersonal skills to be more outgoing.
I have been out of a job for about two and a half months now, had several jobs interviews but end up not being picked because I was not the right fit for the company. If I am not a right fit for one company chances are I would not be a right fit for any company I try to apply to.
Do companies look down on people who are currently unemployed like the only reason why they are not working is because they did not perform well and got fired from their last position. I know quitting before you find a new job is not a good idea. But if you find yourself in a dead end job and you become too comfortable with it because you know at the end of the day you still have a paycheck it doesn’t give you much motivation to start looking for new opportunities to grow. I left my previous job because I felt I was too comfortable in that position with no room for growth. Sure I could have still been working there and at least be making money, but not enough to live off of. And did not really have the motivation to find a new job considering there was not much time to do so.

I left the job so I can focus on job searching properly and not need to worry about making up an excuse for a job interview for a position I might or might not get. Calling in sick all the time because of interview is unfair to the employer. They can’t hire more people are they depend on their existing ones to function properly.
I had three interviews last week two for another retail position, and one for an inside sales representative. The retail job position I was sure I would be able to pull it off since I did work at retail before. Still haven’t heard back from them. The inside sales role I have no experience in but have expressed my interest in attempting. Probably will not hear back from them for the very same reason mentioned earlier; lack of experience. For an entry level position it’s pretty depressing. Two of the three posting are contract based position. One of them even requires a minimum 3 year college diploma to even be considered a full time status. Sigh… I only have a 2 year diploma. Even if your performance is stellar they will never consider you as a full time which sucks. But some experience is better than no experience I guess.
It’s also pretty depressing receiving those emails saying “Thank you for applying to our position; unfortunately we will not be proceedings with your application at this time”. It is good of them to let me know I am not good enough to work at that company because I lack experience. It is not like I applied to an entry level position where they require you to know everything and must possess 5+ years of experience in a specialized field.
Honestly I’m sure an experienced worker would not want to work entry level position as they tend to pay you less than a mid to senior level position. Also I think if someone were to have that much experience under his belt it would no longer be classified as entry level hire anymore.
Guess I’ll just keep shooting out my resumes and hope someone will actually give me that one chance to prove that I am good at what I do or at least try my best for the best results…

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