I’ve decided to write a mini review on all my sushi places I’ve been to from All You Can Eat to regular A La Carte style. Over the past couple of years I’ve been to numerous Sushi restaurants, some great, some decent, some of them were pretty bad. This review is by no means organized from the best to worst, just the places that come into mind as I type this out. They are however organized based on city so that should help narrow down recommended places based on where you are. There are still a lot more to add. It may eventually splinter off into a page of it’s own if it gets too out of hand

For people who do not know what “All You Can Eat or AYCE” means, it’s a style of ordering where you just pay 1 flat fee like a buffet style and you order as many items on their menu as you want. Usually during busy hours there is a maximum seat time of 1.5 hours to help with the flow of traffic. Since you’re only paying a flat fee, they are not usually keen on letting you take food home with you. On average AYCE cost around 17-20 per person during lunch time. 20-25 per person at dinner time. Weekend and Holiday costs are higher. Dinner usually serves Sashimi where as Lunch time is restricted to only Sushi and Maki rolls.

A La Carte is basically you pay per order. Like every restaurant you visit. For Sushi, A La Carte can get pretty expensive pretty quickly if you eat a lot. Price on this varies depending on what you order and how much of it.

Richmond Hill

Ichiban Sushi House (Yonge and Oxford, Richmond Hill)
Note: Korean Owned
Not another AYCE!! This one is AYCE. Very small portions, again does not make much of a difference, you’ll just have to order it again and again. However there are certain items on the menu which you can only order once. Same price as every other AYCE joint, with the exception to the fact drinks are not included in the fee. Tea and water will always be free. Soft drinks cost extra, per can charge.

Kaze Sushi (Elgin Mills, Richmond Hill)
All you can eat sushi place. Same as everywhere else. Atmosphere is bright, service is good and fast. Very friendly staff. The fish is of AYCE quality. Nothing too excellent but nothing that will give you a bad stomach either.

Senbazuru Sushi Bar(Bayview and Weldrick, Richmond Hill)
Small little sushi bar in Richmond Hill. Good and affordable sushi. It’s my go to places whever I just feel like getting Salmon Sashimi and MIso Soup. Chinese owned.

Sapporo Sushi (Chalmers and Highway 7, Richmond Hill)
Just went there today. They had the salmon special. 7.95 for 20 pieces of salmon sashimi. Place is small and the fish is not too entirely fresh. Would not be the first place I’d consider going. My friend likes it because they serve Uni cheap. I don’t know how fresh that is either. Service was okay.
The place could look nicer as well.

Lotus Sushi Kiyo Sushi (Elgin Mills and Yonge, Richmond Hill)
Nothing special, place is close to where I live. Only been there twice. Service is very friendly and the food is above average in freshness. Place is somewhat nicely decorated. Only went for lunch. Price ranges from 10-20 dollars. (Updated June 30th, 2014: Not entirely sure, Lotus sushi either shut down or renamed under new owner/management. Food has gotten better. Occasionally order take out from them. Still serves Korean food as well. So Korean Owned.

Mi-Ne Sushi (Elgin Mills and Yonge, Richmond Hill)
Just next plaza from Lotus sushi. Service is slow, food was decent. The place is nicely decorated.Only went for lunch which averages 10-15 dollars per person.

Inatei (Leslie, Richmond Hill)
Haven’t been there in a while, based on what I remembered, food and service was great, price was high. Don’t remember much else about it, but it’s worth giving it a try. Will report back when I get a chance to go there again.

Kiyo Sushi(Bernard and Elgin Mills, Richmond Hill)
I have been to this place a couple times only because it is the closest sushi place to my house besides Mi-Ne Sushi. It’s affordable and relatively fresh sushi, they also serve Korean place so I suspect this place is Korean owned. They give pretty good portions for the price. I’ve only tasted their lunch menu so far, but their dinner menu looks like just bigger portions and extra cost.


Maison Du Japon (John and Woodbine, Markham)
Note: Chinese owned
Another AYCE place. This was the first AYCE place I visit to start off my craving to sushi. My sister had connections with the people at this place so my family would go here when they want sushi. Typical AYCE place with those low style tables where you kneel on the floor to make it more traditional to Japan I suppose. They in their own little private rooms where you are required to take off your shoes before you go in. Food wise is like your typical AYCE place. Small portions, pretty fresh cut and also has the seat limit of 1.5 hours during busy hours. Though I don’t really know if they actually keep track of time.

Only went during night time so 21 dollar weekdays / 25 weekends. Includes Non alcoholic drinks.

Gal’s Sushi (Warden and Highway 7, Markham)
Decent place, also serves Korean food. Price is on average 20-25 dollars per person. Service is somewhat slow. I once left my wallet there by accident. Was able to pick it up the next day without much hassle.

Sushi on 7 (Kennedy and Highway 7, Markham)
AYCE place. Decent food and service. Nothing too special to report.

Yang’s Kitchen (Highway 7 between Kennedy and Warden, Markham)
AYCE place. Decent food and service. Nothing too special to report.

Oshio Restaurant (Don Mills and Steeles, Markham)
Sushi and Korean place. The place was decent and the price was on the cheaper side. Dinner was around 15-20 per person. Only been there once for dinner time because Congee Queen was too busy.

Mi-Ne Sushi (Bayview & Pedersen, Aurora; Woodbine and Apple Creek, Markham)
There is another restaurant with the same name Mi-Ne, no relations with the one in Richmond Hill. But they have 3 locations, in Aurora, Markham and Downtown Toronto. Only been to the one in Aurora and Markham. Food is fresh. Serves Coca-Cola in glass bottle instead of can. It’s a-la-carte style so prices go up very quickly. Average meal is about 10-15 dollars for Lunch, 20-30 dollars for dinner.


Maki Sushi (Center Steet and Bathurst, Thornhill)
Note: Chinese owned.
Located across the street from the Promenade bus terminal. It is an AYCE restaurant. They recently expanded their shop which encompasses the entire first floor of one of the buildings on that strip and now includes a tepenyaki grill. This is the place I usually go to most with my friends as one of them knows the owner hence we usually get some sort of discount when we eat. They have a pretty extensive menu to choose from. From the raw fish to cooked food. The portions are generally smaller but in this case it doesn’t really matter as it’s an AYCE place, you can order as much as you want if one serving is not enough.

The atmosphere is nice and roomy, the service is decent. I would put it on average with all the other AYCE places I’ve been to. I go there for the fresh food, not so much for the service. It’s not terrible, but they can be slow at times. We usually only go for Dinner so during weekdays it’s around 21 per person. Weekends are 25 dollars. This fee includes all you can drink soda and juice. Alcohol is extra charge.

I did notice however, a few years back when I went the all you can drink soda was served in their original cans. They have switched to fountain drinks, I suspect to help cut cost and prevent people from order more pop just before they leave so they can bring it home. I know people who have done that.

Hockey Sushi (Center street between Bathurst and Dufferin, Thornhill)
Note: Chinese owned
Another AYCE place, and from what I was told share the same owner from Maki sushi. Though the selection is pretty much the same. Hockey sushi however has a more limiting menu. Price is the same as Maki sushi, so I have to wonder how it’s worth going there over Maki sushi for more selection. The decoration is average. Nothing too fancy.
Hockey sushi is locate just a little west of Maki sushi.

Aji Sai Sushi (Bayview, Thornhill)
Average AYCE place. Nothing out of the ordinary. Gets pretty busy during dinner hours. Service was okay, price the same everywhere else and includes non alcoholic drinks. Nothing more to report about this place.

168 Sushi Buffet (Dufferin and Steeles, Thornhill)
Another average AYCE place in Thornhill, though I have only been there for lunch. They use iPads for ordering food, which is nice since it saves using paper for ordering food and having to wait for someone to come and take the order. They still use people to bring the food over though obviously. The lunch menu is like every other AYCE place where they do not serve sashimi for lunch. They do have a self serving ice cream, salad and soup bar where you have to get up out of your seat to get.

Sushi California (Dufferin and Centre, Thornhill)
I was at work when I did a yelp search for the closest sushi place in the area besides Aroowha and Genji suhsi and I came across this place. I decided to try this place and I can’t say I am disappointed at this place. The reviews were not all that great to begin with. The food service was pretty slow and they did not even serve miso soup when I ordered the lunch menu. Ever other place so far I have been to served miso soup. The quality of the fish were not that fresh either. The sushi was poorly made as in the fish was just placed on the rice so they always fell off when I picked them up with my chopsticks. It took a while to get my check also. They do serve a lot of students during lunch time, which I guess that is how they have been staying afloat. But I would not recommend this place unless you are on a tight budget. Even then I probably would tell you to go to Genji Sushi which is about a 5 minute drive from Sushi Californoa.

North York

Ichiban Sushi House (Empress walk, North York)
Note: Korean Owned.
Another Ichiban sushi house, this one is located on Yonge between Finch and Sheppard inside Empress Walk. This one however is not AYCE. It is all A La Carte. Price depends on what you order, however the last few times I went there averaged to around 25-35 dollars per person. Friendly Atmosphere, fair price for decently fresh fish. Service was on and off. Sometimes they were slow, sometimes they were fast. So I will rate them as average.

Sushi Moto (Yonge and Sheppard, North York)
There are a lot of sushi places along yonge street. I have not been able to try them all, but I will eventually get to all of them. I first went to Sushi Moto with some old coworkers from my previous occupation. The fish was fresh and the service was excellent. We’d get our orders pretty quickly after we ordered them. The atmosphere is more appealing in a sense it seems more like a higher class restaurant. The price of it reflects that as well. They serve O-Toro, however it was not that great. Average cost from the few times I went here ranged anywhere from 20-50 dollars a person depending on what you ordered. O-Toto sushi cost $20 dollars per 2 pieces.

Sushi Bong (North York)
Only did take out with this place, so I don’t know much about the atmosphere, Price is cheap and good quantity. Quality wise is a little bad. Did not taste fresh when I ate from the two times I ordered from them. My friend said it’s the best bang for the buck. I disagree. For something like this, I’d prefer spending a little extra to get better quality sushi, after all they are raw and if it’s not fresh there might be trouble.

Sushi Fun (Yonge street north of steeles, North York)
Ordered twice from work through Just Eat. Quick delivery and well priced food. Found out later it’s an AYCE place. Portions are decent and the lunch special contains lots of food. Fish was pretty fresh for AYCE standards. Perhaps I will drop by one day to see how the atmosphere feels like.

Ginza Sushi (Clark and Yonge, North York & Dufferin and Major Mac, Richmond Hill)
They have 2 more locations, but I’ve never been to those ones before. The food here is good. Tried ordering O-Toro from them before, it’s their most expensive raw fish on the menu. Instead of giving it to me like I wanted, they informed me that the fish that day was not fresh and made sure if I still wanted it. I got their advice and they said it won’t be good so I decided not to order it. So at least the staff there is honest about their own food and will only serve it to you if you a.) really want it or b.) that it’s fresh enough to pass the chef’s quality control. That’s a big bonus. Most places will serve it anyway because they already bought it and they need to make money off it. I occasionally order party trays from this place.

This place also serves Thai food.

Genji Sushi (Keele and Steeles, North York)
Been there a few times as it’s close to where I work now. Food was is pretty fresh and the price is reasonable. Service wise could use some work. The place is small and they usually only have 2 waitress there. I’ve only gone during lunch hours, so I can’t comment on how it is during dinner. Service was slow. Usually have to wait around 5-10 mins after you sit down for them to take your order. Then another 10-20 mins for the food to arrive. With a full house and only 2 wait staff, I can see things getting backed up. I didn’t see how many sushi chefs they have working either which could contribute to the slower arrival of the food. I normally go there every so often

Izakaya Tsuki(Yonge Street, North York; East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill)
They have two locations. One in North York on Yonge south of Finch. The other is on East Beaver Creek in Richmond Hill. They are Korean owned thus also serve Korean dishes. They sushi is pretty fresh and the price is somewhat reasonable. Worthy mention is unlike every other sushi places that closes at 10 or 11PM at night. Izakaya Tsuki is opened until 2:30am. You can still order sushi dishes at that time if you want to. That makes the pretty unique out of all the places I’ve been to. Most if not all close before midnight. Most, if not all AYCE places do last call at around 9:30-10 so they can close by 11. This place is great if you are craving sushi at midnight. At least you know there will be a place open besides Galleria (Supermarket) that’s still serving sushi.


Tako Sushi (Bristol Road, Mississauga)
A La Carte joint. Fresh fish, fair prices. Averaged 20-30 dollars per person. Atmosphere is above average with friendly staff.

Sushi Tei (Creditview Road, Mississauga)
A La Carte style, a little more expensive than usual however fish is very fresh and service is great. Atmosphere is very friendly. My friend claims it to be Mississauga’s second best sushi place.

168 Sushi Japan Buffet (Dundas Street West, Mississauga)
Good AYCE place if you live in the area. Not worth the drive for it. Quality is on par with most AYCE places and the service is decent.

Kumai Sushi(Mississauga)
Went here 3 times. Unfortunately this place no longer exists. I am unsure whether the owners decided to give up or not. But I considered it the best place for sushi in Mississauga. And was worth the trip here every so often. Service was slow tho, as the place is only ran by an old Japanese couple. The wife would be the hostess/server while the husband was the chief. The wait was well worth it for the quality of the food you received. It was easily the best sushi I’ve ever had. I’ve always gotten the Omakase course, which essentially is whatever the chief deemed was the freshest fish they got that day. So the menu is somewhat different depending on season or day. Price was high though but well worth the price tag. I do hope that they simple moved locations and its simply a matter of finding where they moved to. It was truely one of those hidden gems very few know, which might also have been their downfall.


Japango (Bay and Dundas, Toronto
Tiny little sushi place in Downtown Toronto. Does not require reservations but due to the size of the place, highly recommended or you’ll be waiting there for quite a while. High Quality sushi, relatively affordable prices. Recommend going there for lunch, but expect wait times to be long.

Yuzu No Hana(Duncan & Adelaide, Toronto)
High end sushi place. Fish is of high quality and fresh. Always have difficulty order cause I want to order everything! Eventually I will try everything, if my wallet allows me. I would recommend this place to people looking for high quality sushi. Price can be on the higher end of the spectrum. Expect to spend roughly 15-30 for lunch. 20-40+ for dinner per person.

Ja Bistro (Richmond Street, Toronto)
Another high end sushi a-la-cart style restaurant in the Entertainment District of Downtown Toronto. Price is high, food is fresh. Only been there once and was their pre-opening, so things might have changed. Based on that experience, service was slow. Waiting for an hour for our food but we had a party of 20 or so people. However, food was worth the wait. Not your traditional Sushi and Roll combination. More modern style sushi, which is an interesting change. Price wise was high, average price was 30 dollars a dish of 5-6 pieces. But delicious.


Mac’s Sushi (Various malls)
Not very fresh sushi. Think of this as fast food sushi where they make it before hand and sell it. You buy what they have available. You can’t customize your order. Not really a restaurant. It’s a fast food place you see at food courts.

Ten-Ichi (Sheppard and McCowan, Scarborough)
Probably the best AYCE place I’ve been to. Can’t really go there often because of the distance from my house. However the tepenyaki experience is worth at least experiencing once. Tepenyaki AYCE price is expensive. around 30 dollars as you can order made to order steak. The check cooks the food in front of you. I could be wrong, but I think its Chinese owned.

ArooWha Sushi (Rutherford and Thornhill Woods, Vaughan)
My second go to place for sushi close to where I work now. Great place but a little higher on the price, at least for dinner time. Lunch wise is reasonable. Fresh food. Usually not busy at all. So it’s more of a hidden gem. Korean owned which serves Korean food as well. Worth the price for lunch or dinner.

Asia Feast (Highway 7 and Langstaff)
I went to this play almost 2 years ago, I still remember some of the experience of what happened. But I’m sure things have changed a lot since then. The restaurant is still there however so business must be good. This is an all you can eat place. You get a sheet of paper with everything they offer for AYCE and you put down how much of each you want to order. The portions are small, as expected from an AYCE place. But they were fresh enough. The only let down was that AYCE price, even though it set the same as everywhere else does not include unlimited drinks and they charge you 2 dollars for a can of coke. Beware when you order tho, they don’t always bring everything you want the first time and you might to put the order in again. It’s not that big of a deal since you’re only charged one price, but I bought it to be quite inconvenient as you’re expecting your order to arrive shortly afterwards but after 30 mins you realize it’s just never going to come and you’re just better off making a new order for it. Overall experience that time was that there are better AYCE places close by that’s better. Food quality wise was not bad. I just wish the price included unlimited soda. Perhaps they changed now and include it. Haven’t been back there since.

Sushi Ya Japan (Dixon Rd, Etobicoke)
Best place for sushi…. if you’re in that area that is. Directly across from the Toronto Congress Center. Sushi Ya Japan is one of 3 Sushi restaurants that’s within walking distance of the Anime North Convention held there once a year during the month of May. It’s also right by the airport so it gets a fair enough of traffic. The fish are generally quite fresh and the price is reasonable. Serves mainly Japanese food, not sure if it’s ran by actual Japanese people tho.

Sushi Dragon (Dixon Rd, Etobicoke)
Another sushi restaurant that’s within walking distance from Anime North. Owned by Korean people, therefore Korean food is also served. Food quality wise was average, nothing special about it. Price was very fair though. So it’s a you get what you paid for kind of thing. It’s cheaper than Sushi Ya Japan but the quality is a little less. That’s not to say the fish was not fresh. It was fair. Between the 2 I would have to go with Sushi Ya Japan. Sorry Sushi Dragon. There is one more sushi restaurant, located inside the Doubletree International Hotel. However, I have yet to try that as I’m usually only there for Anime North and that place is always packed during that time…. I wonder why…. lol

If you know any places to try or recommend let me know and I’ll see if I can make a trip there to try it and post it here!

This post will be constantly updated with short reviews of new sushi places I try and judge.

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