Summerlicious 2012

Went to Summerlicious with the lovely August, whom I previously had worked with while working at a retail computer store. I no longer work there. I did not take pictures of the atmosphere, August did. The place does look very classy and the decorations were nice. We were situated in a small little table perfect for 2 people and right beside us were rocks and that Japanese fork like thing you find. Obviously August had to play with it at one point. :p

Summerlicious of choice was Kirei. Reason being, they served Creme Brulee and she does not really enjoy Western Style food. Since we both enjoy Japanese food (or just sushi in this case) this was the logical choice.

Summerlicious was a 3 course meal (4 if you include the soup and salad) + Appetizers + Main + Dessert for $25 per person.)

For Appetizers I went with the Tuna + Avocado Tartare (Mixed tuna, avocado w/ farlic oil + ponzu sauce). Sorry didn’t take any pictures of the soup or the salad. It was nothing special.

August went with the Enoki Beef Roll (Enoki mushroom wrapped with thin slices of beef)

For the main course we both decided to get the Sashimi + Sushi + Maki (Chef’s selection, 5 pcs sashimi, 4 pcs sushi + 6 pcs of spicy roll.

August loves eating Uni, so we decided to order outside of the summerlicious menu as well. We got the Uni Sushi

and I saw o-toro on the menu as well. It’s not everyday I get to go to a high class sushi bar. So why not.

O-Toro was amazing. It melts in your mouth. You don’t really need to chew. It just dissolves by itself and tastes amazing. Best part of the tuna ever. LOL

Our desserts

If it wasn’t for summerlicious, I would have never found out about this place since I rarely go downtown for no reason. 🙂 I’m glad I did and would likely go back again regardless if they have the summerlicious menu or not. The prices are on the higher end side of the spectrum, but it’s not unexpected considering the place.

Not to sound racist, but the servers there were Caucasian. I would be fine and all except when I was trying to order they did not know the Japanese names of their menu.. I tried ordering the Uni and the server gave me a confused look like I didn’t know what I was talking about until I told her I wanted Sea Urchin. Same with ordering the O-Toro, except she kept thinking I only wanted the regular Tuna Belly. Because O-Toro cost was not listed as the price changes often. It took a little while for her to sink in that I wanted to inquire about the O-Toro and if it was fresh. and Boy was it fresh. 🙂

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