New System Build….

HAHA, I wish. Just helped my cousin build his new gaming machine the other day. Haven’t had time to post up pictures of it. Cousin picked out the parts, I looked over and modified the components I found could be better while not going over his budget. Turned out pretty well.

Powered by Intel Core i5 3570 Ivy Bridge processor, Gigabyte GTX 670 video card, 8GBs of G.Skill Sniper RAM clocked at 1600Mhz with a 500GB Western Digital Caviar Black drive. (Could have gone with a small SSD but he needed the storage for applications and SSDs are just too expensive ATM.). Case he went with the Cooler Master Enforcer Mid-Tower case. Wasn’t too hard to work with. As for power supply, he decided to get the Corsair TX750 Watt Power Supply which is more than enough to power his system. A regular DVD Burner from Lite-On and an all in one water cooling system from Corsair. The H60. Almost forgot, the motherboard is the P8Z77-V LK Motherboard. I was going to recommend something higher end with a build in wifi card so that he wouldn’t need to pick up a TP-Link PCi-E adapter, but the higher end boards with wifi started at an extra 100 dollars more from the LK board which would bring it way over budget. All the components were picked up at a local Canada Computers store. Total price was just a little over 1600 dollars after Tax. which was slightly more than he would like to spend on his system but the little extra was well worth it.

Building the system itself didn’t take too long. Approximate 20-30 mins including taking the components out of the shrink wrap and out of the box.

Installing the H60 took most of the work in the 20-30 mins. Cable management however was a different story. That took about 1-2 hours as I prefer to a proper job in cable management as opposed to leaving everything exposed in the front. That way it is better for air flow therefore the components will run cooler.

After all that came the easy part. Installing Windows, drivers and update. While it is time consuming I won’t have to pay attention to it while Windows does its regular update.

Finished it packed it up and let my cousin know it was ready to be picked up. It’s quite the machine. You don’t need a Core i7 Processor for a gaming machine. a Quad Core i5 is more than enough to tackle any game you throw at it. For a good gaming machine you need to worry mainly about the Video Card. A good CPU is only required to help process all that bandwidth to the GPU which a quad core is sufficient enough.

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