New power supply for Prometheus

Prometheus is the name of my file server at home. When I built it, I used an old OCZ power supply which was already making funny noise. The noise was coming from the fan so I didn’t really bother worrying about it as it was the only PSU I had spare. I wanted to get the system up and running ASAP so I used it temporarily.
Last week I decided to replace it before the annoying sound turned into a dead power supply. So I picked up a Seasonic 560 watt modular power supply. Gold Rated power supply so it’s supposedly efficient. Not platinum. Don’t care about that rating all that much, the buying factor for me was that it was relatively cheap and it was fully modular.

It’s interesting how these high end power supply packages their PSU in a fancy cloth bag instead of just a random clear plastic bad.

It’s not like you’ll have use for the cloth bag in the future. It’s either going to just sit there collecting dust or in the garbage if you don’t need it. The cables came in it’s own little pouch as well which that would come in handy. Since they aren’t expecting you to use every last cable in your system at one time the pouch does provide a convenient way to store the cables in an organized manner. I’ll just have to try and not lose the bad itself.

Installing the power supply was as simple as removing the existing PSU and putting the new ones in. Wire management I didn’t really do any since the case didn’t really have much room to work with. I just stuffed the the excess cable in the 5.25″ bay since I don’t have an optical drive. I didn’t really use a lot of the cable anyway. Just the regular Motherboard, CPU power and a sata cable. All the fans are powered by the motherboard connector so there weren’t too many wires to work with.

Once I powered it on, I was living in peace with no random hissing noise coming from the computer like it did with the OCZ power supply. That unit is going to the trash one day as I have no use for it and it’s probably on it’s way out. It has served me well for more than 6 years anyway so it was time for it to retire.

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