Mystery Solved: My PC won’t sleep

So about a month ago, for some odd reason after working since I got the system, my computer would randomly wake up at night even though I did not touch the keyboard or move the mouse. I had also set the LAN port not to wake on LAN or special packet (which means that I can’t remote wake the computer from any remote desktop client such as Window’s Remote Desktop Protocol, Logmein or Teamviewer.)

It was late at night when this problem happened (at around 2am, so I didn’t give it much though. I gave up trying to find the solution cause I was just too lazy to find out. So since then I had left my computer running at night and my room got warm cause heat builds up in a closed room.

About a month later, Neowin makes a post about this issue and how a lot of people are having this issue. One of journalist had this issue and discovered a solution to it as well. Turned out that Google had added a task to repeat every hour to check for updates. I don’t know how that was added but it somehow caused the computer to wake up from sleep. So I disabled that and ever since it’s been able to sleep and wake up whenever I tell it to. And the occasional bump to the keyboard when someone goes into my room.

Finally got the issue fixed. It was starting to get annoying (not really…). lol

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