*leaked* Blackberry OS 7.1 wifi hotspot test

*Disclaimer: This test was done using a leaked Blackberry OS 7.1 firmware. The final release version might yield different results and a test will be redone when an official version has been launched. This firmware could very well be a beta copy. Who knows.


I decided to try the wireless hotspot feature of the leaked OS build of the BBOS 7.1 for the BB9900. The Wireless Hotspot was originally suppose to be launched with BBOS 7.0 but for some odd reason was never the case. Nevertheless, it is included in 7.1.

Wifi hotspot was originally one of the main reasons why I decided to upgrade from my 9800 to the 9900 as the 9800, running BBOS 6.0 was not going to get the 7.0 feature which had the promise wireless hotspot.

The results were quite disturbing actually. I don’t know whether it’s the network to be blamed, or the fact that I’m in my basement doing this test or if it’s the phone to blame or because it’s the fact it’s running a leaked version of the OS.

But this is the results. I had it originally connected to a netbook but the speedtest screenshots of those got screwed up. so I redid the test on my macbook pro instead.

as you can see the download and upload rate is less than 0.5Mbps

So I decided to run the same test on my galaxy s 2 which is running on the bell network

Both phones are set up right next to the macbook pro in the basement on the same desk. The major difference is one is running a 9900 on the Rogers network, the other is running a Galaxy S 2 off a Bell network.

Looks like I’ll be tethering off my bell network for the time being.. haha

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