New File Server

So the other night the RAM on my file server decided to die on me. So I had no choice but to replace it. It’s still using DDR1 and it only had 4GBs of RAM total. Replacing all 4 sticks was going to cost me $25-$30 a piece so a total of $100-$120. I decided screw that since DDR1 is not worth it anymore to just simply upgrade the entire system to a newer spec.

Entire thing cost a little under $350. I got Motherboard, CPU, Memory and SSD. The ASUS F1A55-M CSM motherboard which uses the Socket FM1 processors, the AMD A6-3500 Triple core processor clocked @ 2.1Ghz with a built in Radeon HD6530 GPU. The memory I originally had bought the 4GB (2.2GB) Mushkin DDR3 1600 that was on sale for $19.99 at work but decided to replace it with the also on sale 8GB (2x4GB) kit DDR3 1600, but I decided to spoil the system a bit and got 2 of the 8GB kit making it a total of 16GB of system memory. Complete overkill, but at $34.99 per kit, it wasn’t all that expensive.

Originally I was going to just format the old 80GB SATA and install windows over it and call it a day, but when I was about the purchase the system, I noticed we had gotten some refurbished Corsair Force 2 Series SSDs and they were pretty cheap. almost a dollar per GB. So I decided to take the plunge and got the 60GB Corsair Force 2 Series SSD. Since the A55 chipset doesn’t have SATA 3 6Gb/s connectors anyway, the Force 2 are SATA 2 so they will run at full speed.

As for the Power Supply, I was going to use the existing Enermax power supply as I thought it was 400-500 Watts… When I got home and took apart the Power Supply, I noticed it was only 370. I figured it was probably safe to use a different power supply, luckily I still had my OCZ 700 Watt PowerXStream power supply from my previous build, which is more than enough for this system.

The entire upgrading process from start to finish installing SP2 took approximately 4-5 hours. Got the networking feature, remote desktop feature and reinstalled all the hard drives back and set up the network shared folders again. Lets hope this system will last just as long as the previous system if not longer.

My previous system was purchased back in like 2003-2004-ish, so it lasted quite a while. The only upgrade it ever got was a CPU replacement from a single core AMD Athlon64 3700+ to a AMD Athlon64 X2 3800.

So far it’s running pretty solid. Though it’s a complete overkill for a media, file server/ occasional use. I do alot of remote desktop into it while there is someone on the computer. 🙂

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