Kumai Sushi, Mississauga

Decided to write a little review about this place because it is one of the best sushi places I’ve been to so far.

Located on Brunel Road, Mississauga it is at the corner of Brunel and Hurontario just south of Hwy 401. O think I’ve been there a total of 4-5 times now over the past year and so far the food there has always been consistently fresh and delicious.

The place is very small and whenever I go there it’s usually pretty empty with 2-3 other tables filled with guest ranging from 2-5 people. It is ran by a Japanese couple from what I saw. The husband is the sushi chef while the wife is the waitress, hostess and server. The menu specializes on raw fish so that is pretty much the only think you can order. They’re also the only place I’ve seen that serves O-Toro sushi (the fattest part of the belly on the Blue Fin Tuna fish, which is also the smallest and most expensive portion of the fish. Ordering this by itself usually costs about $20 dollars per 2 pieces. I think it’s the best tasting sushi I’ve had after Salmon. The fat melts in your mouth as you eat it.

The first couple times I went there I ordered their Omakase menu which means Chef’s Special. Basically you get what the chef considers the freshest fish of the day and serves it to you as sushi and sashimi. Generally it’s Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, their house made Egg Sushi among other fish. They are all very fresh and very delicious. The Omakase comes also comes with 2 Blue fin (otoro) sushi. The meal costs 40 dollars, comes with Soup and Salad.

Another time I went they served some sort of Squid appetizers, I forgot the name of it. But basically they sliced the squid so think it looks like noodles. Served it in miso soup, mixed with ginger and wasabi, the dish was very good. Ever since that time I went, I have not been able to order it again. The hostess said they don’t serve it that often cause they don’t get them fresh often so they don’t bother.

The service there is great, albeit slow when it comes with serving the food considering it’s a 2 man show. I could somewhat understand. But they make up for it by being very informant about the food and where they come from. She even teaches you which fish is serve best with what and how to eat it to properly enjoy particular sushi. They are very nice people and will not rush you to leave even though they are closed or about to close. They will take their time to make sure you enjoy every last bit of food before you leave. Which is understandable, considering if you rush your customers to leave they generally will have a bad impression of the establishment and possibly give you a lower tip if any.

I remember a time when I was there they took about an hour to bring our food because they had ran out of sushi rice and had to make a fresh batch. The waitress apologized to us repeatedly about the delay and ended up giving us free dessert for making us wait. This was just as they were about to close too. I did not feel like I was rushed to finish so they can close, though I did feel bad for making them wait.

The only thing I do have complaint about this place is that they can be very slow at serving the food. It usually takes them about 30-50 mins to get our meals to our table. But in my opinion it is worth the wait. Allows time for conversations while we wait for the food. The first couple times I went, we brought cards and played while we waited for them to bring our foods. They didn’t seem to mind us playing.

This place definitely is not for those who are in a rush or just want a quick meal. For people who enjoy good sushi and don’t mind the wait, this place is worth a shot. I usually recommend this place to people looking for very good sushi and don’t mind spending a little more for it. This is not all you can eat and your bill can easily reach $100 for 2 people. So it’s not cheap, but well worth the price once in a while.

I will be going back there as many times as my wallet allows me.

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