Otterbox experience

I am very impressed with the service Otterbox provides for their products. Granted that I’ve had a few bad experience with the product itself, overall the Otterbox is a great product nonetheless.

I started using the Otterbox when I got the 9700 Bold. That was a great case. I could toss it and it wouldnt break. Then I switched to the 9800 Torch. Obviously I got the Otterbox commuter case when it was made available.

The otterbox case for the 9800 is slightly different from the 9700 case since the Bold is one piece and the 9800 torch has 2 pieces. Since it is a slider phone one piece is for the body while the second piece is for the screen portion of the phone.

The body protection is very tough while the screen portion I would say is the weakest link. That piece i’ve had the most issue with since that is where it broke twice.

When that happened I contacted Otterbox and explained my situation with them. They responded within a few hours apologizing about the bad experience like it was somehow their fault. They asked me to provide them with more information such as my address, number etc… They responded very quickly again letting me know that they are sending me a replacement unit for the broken case. They did not even ask me to send the broken case back unit to them or ask about original receipt. The important thing is that my case broke and they sent me a new case within a few days and now my case is once again protected.. 😀

Great service from Otterbox. Will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a protective case…

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