My Corsair shipment!!

My shipment of goodies from Corsair finally arrived via UPS today. Thanks to the Partner EPP I was able to get some nice deals on a new Power Supply and Cooler.. I decided to get the 750AX and H70 cooler. They are suppose to go into my new Sandy Bridge system that I was suppose to be getting within the next few weeks to 2 months. But that has been put on hold because of the Intel chipset issue.. Stupid Intel.. LOL oh wells. I’m going to wait for the i7 8 core (16 thread) cpu now. Its uber overkill but since I’m going to wait that long I might as well same a little more money for it.. haha!!

I havent opened the products from the packaging yet. but I might install it on my current AMD system for the time being and replace the stock cooler and aging OCZ power supply. but then again I might get lazy and not do it tomorrow… :p

I also picked up the Razer Mamba mouse to replace my G9 mouse. Its different and will take time to get used to. but now I have the Razer set.. All i need now is a new mousepad and i’m set…

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