Project Sandy Bridge….. Delayed…

So I was planning to upgrade my system from AMD to Intel within the next few weeks with the recently released Sandy Bridge processors and chipset from Intel. the P67..

Was going to pair it up with the Intel Core i5-2500k and ASUS P8P67 Pro and 8GB kit of DDR1600 DDR3 RAM… I already bought a 750Watt PSU and H70 Hydro Cooler from Corsair and those are being shipped to my store for me to pick up.. but unfortunately the upgrade plans will have to be delayed.. 🙁 There was a design flaw found in the P67 chipset regarding about the SATA Controller… I don’t know the details to the flaw but the fact that there is one that exists, I don’t feel comfortable enough to buy it now until they fix the issue… They won’t be shipping new boards till mid march early april, so my upgrading plan has been delayed until such time… I suppose this gives me the opportunity to save money for the 2600k and wait for the maximus IV extreme board..

Tomorrow’s weather is going to be shit… Big snow storm supposedly coming tonight and we’re expecting about 25-30cms of snow… Good thing I don’t have work tomorrow!!! ^_^

Anyway back to work I go.. stupid Cash duty. oh well. times flies when I’m on the computer all day.. heh

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