Eyefinity failed….

I tried setting up eyefinity last night with a new adapter I purchased at Canada Computers.. The Accell Displayport to Single-Link DVI-D (Active) adapter… Plugged it in and all three displays turned on. Great! it works. BUT the display connected to the displayport adapter was at a low resolution. At 1024×768 or something. So i set it the monitor’s main resolution. which was 1680×1050… BAM! all three monitors turned off for some reason. Couldn’t figure out why. So I unplugged the displayport from the back of the video card and magically the other 2 displays came back to life.

Second attempt was to plug it in again and try it at a lower resolution. 1280×960.. hmmm It worked.. already no big deal. Maybe the bandwidth requires eyefinity to be enabled. So opened up catalyst control center and turned on eyefinity. 3:1 display horizontal…. Pressed the apply button……. Monitors blinked and turned Black. /facepalm…. so much for it being eyefinity validated….

Third attempt. maybe it’s just drive issue. I was using 10.3 yesterday which are pretty outdated now, since ATi comes out with new drivers at least once a month. Downloaded and installed 10.12 drivers. Restarted the machine and tried again.. Same deal… all three monitors turned off when eyefinity is enabled.. and all 3 monitors turned off if i try to run them at their native resolutions..

1680×1050, 1920×1080, 1680×1050 respectively.. So this was at like midnight so I gave up for the time being and now I’m running 1280×960, 1920×1080 and 1680×1050 for the time being. I have to replace my old BenQ monitor soon anyway. I might pick up the Dell 22″ DP ready monitor sometime within the next 2-3 months. Hopefully they won’t be EOL by then. lol

Having triple monitors regardless if one of them looks retarded in terms of resolution. is pretty awesome. lol Can’t wait to fully try out eyefinity!

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